About Me

A little bit about me. I’m a mom of a wonderful teenage daughter, who is my world! Her and I enjoy doing so many things together. She absolutely loves anime (Japanese animation). We attend many anime conventions and cosplay together. Many times I make our own costumes…if I have the time! I also work two jobs 7 days a week. Honestly, there’s not enough hours in the day! To make a few extra dollars I started out as a secret shopper and a merchandise auditor. Then I started online surveys and eventually started to review products. I love reviewing different products. I typically received them for free or at a very discounted price. I informed my mail lady she will be stopping at me house much more often now .. LOL. Now I decided to start a blog (I’m brand new to this). I’d like to share the many wonderful things I’ve learned and discoblazingdane01 my blog is helpful, informative and entertaining.

Most of my reviews will be short and to the point. I personally don’t like to read long drawn out statements, so that’s something I won’t do…unless it’s called for. All of the products that I have reviewed are based on my personal opinion and experiences. I am in no way affiliated or endorsed by any of the companies and products you’ll find within these reviews.  I will do my best to provide links directly to each product and or the company in which the product can be found. If for some reason you come across a broken link by all means let me know. I’ll do my very best to keep everything up to date. A majority of the merchandise I product test come from Amazon. I am an Amazon Prime member and highly recommend joining it. Whether you choose to product test or as a consumer.

I welcome comments from my viewers. I only ask that if you choose to leave a comment, question or feedback please keep it positive, clean and civil. To many times I have seen unkind remarks and inappropriate comments made by those few trying to get a reaction. Such things will not be tolerated here. With that said I’d like to offer nothing but my honest opinions with perhaps a touch of humor thrown in.

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