ACEVOG Women’s clothing

ACEVOG Women’s Outdoor Full Zip Active Warm Anti-Pill Fleece Jacket Coat Outwear

I love everything about this jacket, from the cut to the feel. It is super soft and comfortable. The size is exact. I have found that when ordering overseas I need to order one to two sizes larger in order to get my actual size. For this company all I had to do was order my regular size and not worry about it being to small. It’s not fitted and there’s enough room if I wanted to wear a light sweater underneath. I also like that the pockets are zippered. I always put things in my pockets, mainly my phone, and it usually falls out. But since these pockets have zippers I don’t need to worry about that. I also like that this zips up completely from top to bottom. There is no extra material that hangs loose. When it’s zipped all the way up the collar comes just below my chin. It’s not tight around my neck and there’s room to breathe. Another thing I noticed is that this seems to repel cat hair. I’m not sure how but, I own 3 cats and everything I wear has cat hair on it, except this jacket. I wouldn’t mind having one in every color!


ACEVOG Women 1950’s Floral Spring Garden Party…

I love everything this company makes. I find their clothing to be well made and high quality at a very affordable price. I am in love with retro styles and I own a lot of clothing from the 50’s and 60’s. I also love retro style clothing, they offer a touch of class and grace. This dress fit me perfectly it is not to tight not to baggy. I have so many dresses that have a zipper in the back and it’s so difficult zipping up without help. I had no issues with this dress. I was able to get the zipper up and down by myself. It also didn’t get stuck or snag of the fabric like most long zippers do. I have to say my favorite part is the neck line. I love the scalloped cut and it lays flat, no puckering. The dress does come wrinkled which is really no big deal, cotton wrinkles very easily. I just ordered myself a petticoat so I can really get the full effect of the flare skirt. It looks and feels great.


ACEVOG Women Slim fit Zip-up Hoodie Jacket…

Lately I’ve been buying clothing online and they have been running way to small. So I decided to be smart and get the next size up for this jacket. I really didn’t need to. If I had gotten my actual size it would have fit just fine. Even though it’s a little on the bigger side I don’t mind. I figure during the colder months I’ll most likely be wearing a heavy sweater any way and I’ll need that extra room. With that said this i
s definitely not a slim fit. It is bulky and not figure flattering. So if that’s what you want I suggest getting your actual size or a size small. Personally I don’t mind I like it that way. I think the material is very comfortable, soft and well made. There was no loose stitching. I really like the extra material that lays behind the zipper for extra warmth. I loved the vibrant red color. I had a difficult time deciding on the color. So my daughter chose for my. The adjustable collar snaps for that hood are great because that gives me a choice of how loose or tight I want it. The hood covered my head perfectly and didn’t fall short. There is nothing I didn’t like about this jacket.