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Recently I was fortunate to test out a Coobie bra. I will be perfectly honest when I say I have never heard of Coobie or their products before. I was chosen to try out the  V-neck Lace Trim. When the package arrived I thought it looked way to small. now mind you I am not “huge” in the bosom area. At least to me I am not, my friends tend to say otherwise. Regardless, I am on the larger side of a 38C cup. With that being said taking this out of the package did look a bit small. I thought now way am I fitting into this. Even though the company’s website states it fits  32A to 36D. So I decided to pop off the tag and give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised, IT FIT! Ok Ok now let me start by saying since I am *cough cough* slightly “bigger”.

This is not a bra I will wear for support, this is a bra strictly for comfort! If I was a bit on the smaller cup size yes this is certainly a bra that can be worn out and about in every day life. But for me I think I will only wear this when I have on a jacket or just as my bed time bra. It is super soft and very comfortable. Probably the most comfortable I’ve tried in a very long time if ever.

There are tiny little pad inserts which for me, are some what pointless. The pads are just to mall and do not fit in the entire cup. I’d rather have a larger pad or nothing at all. Basically the pads are big enough to cover the nips. The straps are very thin. However, I love that they are designed so they do not slip! The adjuster is designed to grip on to the strap. Which is a problem I often have, since the girls are a bit heavy!

This bra is so comfortable I forget I’m wearing one. It’s not riding up the back, it’s not pinching and the girls aren’t falling out! My one complaint aside from the pad inserts, ok my second minor complaint is I kind of develop the uni-boob. Since it’s only stitched in the middle it really doesn’t divide and concur (separate). But, after a good nights sleep I have to say the girls stayed where they were supposed to and didn’t wander off. Now back to the straps. As I said they are thin. With the weight of what I’m carrying around the straps do dig a little, but nothing painful. I usually have bigger straps to avoid that problem. But it really wasn’t that much of an issue. The straps also have hooks. So you can remove them, readjust them…whatever you need to do.

The material is super soft and comfortable. The back is very wide and doesn’t cut in or create back fat… YAY! There is no wire, ribbing, piping…just material. So there’s nothing that will poke, jab, cut, or tear into your skin. Pure comfort! There is a little bit of lace that lines the top in front, which gives it more of a feminine look and less sports bra. Overall, I’d have to say this is really decent bra and I wouldn’t mind having a couple more on hand.

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