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What a great little table for camping, back packing or even picnicking. This table was used for a camping trip. We have a very large tent and it’s the perfect size to keep inside. It is very sturdy and well made. A lot of thought was put into every detail for this. It’s designed to perfection. From the color to the materials used. It’s easy and quick to assemble. And just as easy to disassemble and pack away in its own drawstring carrying bag. The table itself is very light weight, so it won’t weigh you down if you do take it on a hike. Keep in mind this is not a seat. It will not support your weight. It is only meant to place items on, plates, wine bottle, lantern etc. Do not attempt to sit or stand on it. #PicnicTable

Baby Caboodle Backseat Baby Mirror – Extra…

This mirror is a lot larger then other brands. It’s a light weight plastic and really easy to attach to the seat with adjustable straps. The mirror can be basically adjusted to be angled in any direction. The mirror is nice and clear too. It’s not like those cheap plastic mirrors that distorts everything. The feature I like the best is that the mirror is detachable. So on those days baby is not in the car and you need the full back seat. You can remove the mirror without having to remove the straps too. Also another added bonus. This company has a  “150% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE”. #BabyCaboodMirror

Baby Car Mirror Bundle – Improved Shatterproof Glass – Best Backseat Baby Mirror for Car – The Clearest & Largest – Fully Assembled & Adjustable – Crash-tested- Back Seat Rear-Facing Infant and Sight

This is the perfect gift or keep it for yourself. The box is even elegant looking.
The mirror is nice and large and can be angled in any direction you choose. It’s a thick, heavy duty, well made mirror. It’s easy to place on the seat and the straps are adjustable. The mirror is nice a clear to. It doesn’t have that fun house distorted look. It’s cute that it also comes with the baby on board sign. Also the fork and spoon are a nice touch too. That comes in its own package. If you were giving it as a gift you can break up the bundle if you wanted to. #YesBaby

Baby Car Mirror Bundle - Improved Shatterproof Glass - Best Backseat Baby Mirror for Car - The Clearest & Largest - Fully Assembled & Adjustable - Crash-tested- Back Seat Rear-Facing Infant and Sight

AutoZiv Car & Home Microfiber Duster -…

These are great for the car or anywhere else dust accumulates. My car gets very dusty and no matter what I do it always seems to be there. These dusters, the large and small did a fantastic job picking up every little particle. Nothing was left behind, not even in the tiny crevices. The small one is soft but the larger one is super soft. My only con is that the dusters are not removable to clean. you would have to was them by hand. That’s something I’d rather not have to do. But aside from that i was really impressed with how well this actually worked. So much so I ended up dusting the entire house. The handle on the large one extends so that made dusting in hard to reach areas much easier. #AutoZiv

9 Piece Bra Strap Clips – Racer Back – Conceal Straps – Cleavage Control

I’ve had bra strap clips before but these are far better. They are very easy to hook onto the straps with one hand. I didn’t struggle or even work up a sweat trying to gt them hooked on. They were also easy to slide into place to adjust the strap placement. I am so happy this comes in a nine pack, I tend to loose things. This ways it’ll take me a little longer to misplace them. They are also very comfortable. I didn’t feel them digging into my back or pinching. I was even able to sleep while wearing them. They are nice and thin so there’s not bulge. They are sturdy but still easy to bend. But they do not bend so much that it’ll snap. I have worn them pretty much every day and I love the additional support. #Braclip

I am loving the blue color. all of the other hoses I’ve had are that ugly green. This color is so much more attractive. This set literally comes with everything you could possible need. It worked very well for me. It expanded very quickly when I turned the water on. It contracted just as quickly when I turned the water off. I was getting tired of the big bulky hoses. They took up to much room and was to difficult to gather in one area. This hose is nice and light weight that my 88 yr old grandmother enjoyed watering the garden and didn’t struggle using the hose. It’s nice having the matching hook. Rolling it and hanging it up really keeps it out of the way and ready to use. The best part is this is 100% Guaranteed #RY_GARDENER

Leopard Outdoor Combo Cooler Bag with Hard Plastic Liner 3pcs/set

First off these colors are very well made. From the heavy duty zippers to the stitching. No detail was left out. The coolers can be nested so it saves a lot of room when storing. The smaller coolers are identical to the larger one, just smaller versions. The hard plastic inserts are great! They one solid piece and can easily be removed. If ice melts inside or if liquids spill this will not leak. Remove the insert and rinse it out. It’s that easy. Since the inserts are plastic I wouldn’t suggest putting anything hot inside them, I would remove it first. There’s a zippered pocket and pouches on the sides. The straps are very sturdy and adjustable, with nice shoulder pads. These coolers are built to take a beating and will last a very long time. I was able to take these camping and the cold food traveled well and stayed cold for hours. #Coolerbag

AYL TF89 Bright 900 Lumens CREE XM-L2 LED…

This is a super bright flashlight. I really like that it extends which helps adjust the light range. I work security at night and this has come in very handy for me. Since where I work is mostly dark and not very well lit. I have been able to use this flashlight with more confidence in comparison to other brands I’ve used. I do not use it with AAA batteries. I’d rather use it with the rechargeable battery that it came with. I’m glad it also comes with the battery charger because that’s one less thing I have to buy. It’s a great price for every thing you get with it. This is very heavy duty and built to last. The belt clip is a nice addition too. It hooks on my waste band without sliding off. It also offers 5 modes which is something I really don’t need but it’s still a nice feature. #AYLTF89Flashlight

I have several glue guns. This one was cheaper and far better then those other brands. My favorite features are the kick stand and the on off switch. My other brands do not have either and that is something that is not only useful but necessary. Especially the kick stand. I’ve always had to lay the other ones down carefully. It’s great that it comes with the long glue sticks too. I’ve paid this much just for those in the stores. this glue gun certainly replaced the other ones I have. #GluGun

Gogyre G10600 10600mAh Portable Charger- Portable Power Bank With Boston-Power Cell – Dual USB / 2.1 A For Cell Phone, Smartphone, iPhone, Android (Wireless Phone Accessory)

This is by far the most attractive phone bank I’ve seen and own. The design on top is almost like a piece of art work. I like keeping it out on my desk to charge my phone. It certainly an attention grabber. The power bank recharges very quickly itself, it also arrived fully charged. The blue lights on top indicate how much of a charge is actually left. Now I don’t use this every day but it has held a charge for a really long time without having to be recharged. I have been able to charge my phone several times without any issues. I use this on an iPhone 5c. It fully charged my phone relatively fast, even when it went completely dead. The only thing I really don’t like is this is a bit heavy and bulky. It’s much heavier then other brands I’ve had and not one that I’ll toss in my bag if I’m out and about. It’ll weigh me down to much. But as I said it’s great propped up on my desk. #GogyrePower

Zesty Paws Pet Stain & Odor Remover,…

I have multiple cats and I use to have beige rugs. My one cat likes to get into things he shouldn’t which in turn upsets his stomach. Well once that happens he usually vomits on that once beige rug. I have colored spots everywhere because I can never get the stains off the carpet. I’ve tried all types of cleaners that usually smell horrible. I am very sensitive to strong odors and those harsh chemicals. The one thing I noticed about this product is there is virtually no odor whatsoever. I tried this out on old stains just to see what would happen. I did not have high expectations since I’ve used all types of name brand expensive cleaners. I saturated the stains and laid a towel on top until it dried then scrubbed it after. I don’t know how it did it but the smaller stains were completely gone. I have one stain that took a little more effort but it was noticeably getting lighter each time I used the spray. It only cleaned the stain left behind by my cat, it did not clean the carpet otherwise. I am still in disbelief this lifted old stains. #Zenwise

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace…

I have been wanting a necklace diffuser for while now and there are so many out there to choose from. I love the tree of life and was so excited to get this one. I fell in love with the pendant when it arrived. But there are pros and cons. My main con is the chain. This is the one thing I was not impressed with. I will actually be changing the chain to something a little more sturdy and strong. I am afraid this chain with eventually break and I’ll lose my amazing pendant. Moving along with the pros. The pendant is beautiful and amazing. I really like that it comes with different color pads. I am able to change the daily to match what I am wearing. A few drop of essential oil is all I need and it lasts for several days on these pads. They also rinse off easily. The pendant is somewhat easy to open, a little challenging but that’s OK. If it was super easy to open I would be afraid it would pop open unexpectedly. But, this is not the case. I have received so many compliments for this necklace. Everyone wants to know where I got it and what scent I am wearing. This is certainly a conversation starter. #SweetSoulDesigns

DKnight Magicbox II Bluetooth speaker

What an impressive little speaker. It can certainly put some of the larger speakers to shame. First off this speaker was quickly picked up by my Bluetooth. It immediately synced when I turned it on. The sound was amazing. It was very loud on it’s highest sound setting. So much so that my daughter even told me it was to loud. The buttons are easy to use and figure out. I never even read the directions. So basically it’s easy for just about anyone to use. It also arrived fully charged so it was ready to go right out of the box. This is a great little speaker to travel with and it takes up next to no room at all. It’s extremely well made too, built to last. #DKnightMagicboxIIWirelessBluetoothSpeaker

Hacart “Cobra” Stainless Steel Men’s Link Bracelet

This is such an attractive mens bracelet. It’s not overly flashy or obnoxious like most bracelets for men. This is so well made and the detail in the design is amazing. I really like the clasp which is more like a clip. It squeezes open  so its easy to put on and off with out having to struggle with it. I showed this to a few male friends and they all wanted it. Even the ones that do not wear jewelry. It’s a beautiful inexpensive gift that looks like it cost much more then it actually does. It also arrives a a vinyl classy gift bag that can be used to store the bracelet and protect it when not being worn. Much more masculine then a plain gift box. #Hacart

Jar Candles Scented 2 Pack -Mother’s Day Gift Set for Her -Long Lasting, Amazing Scents -Soy Wax Blend Scented with Mimosa & Champagne Apple -Candles Say I love You to Your Wife-Mom, Daughter, Friend (Kitchen)

Mimosa & Champagne Apple oh my. These are scents I’ve never experienced before. What an unusual combination. Soy candles are definitely the way to go. They burn clean and far longer then wax candles. The aroma of these candles are amazing even when the lid is removed. But when your light the wick wow it smells great. The fragrance really fills the room. The jar ornaments are cute too. The wick dipper is a really nice touch and makes a lot of sense. I never used one before, never even hear of a wick dipper until i received these candles.It really comes in handy. The candles arrive in a really nice box and it’s perfect for gift giving. #ocotillosw

5 Position Mop And Broom Holder Organizer – Come With 2 Extra Single Holders – Holds Up to 11 Tools – Strong, Sturdy, Long Lasting – Holds Great – 1 Year Warranty – By DOKO-IN

I don’t have many closets in my house and certainly no room to store cleaning tools. So I end up having to shove them in a corner somewhere or behind things. I came across this handy item and was thrilled I can actually keep all of my cleaning tools organized and out of the way in one area. I was very easy to attach to my wall. I can hang my broom, dust pan, mop and dust sweeper. They stay securely in each slot and they don’t slip. Each space has balls that adjust to the size you need and each one has rubber bands (stoppers) to keep the cleaning tools in place. There are also hooks that can be folded up when not in use. I can hang brushes, rags and bottles of cleaning products. The possibilities are endless. #DOKOIN

Cat Tunnel Toy – 3 Way Fun Run to Keep Kitty Entertained, Exercising and Playing Games. Like Christmas and Catnip for Kittens. Best Play House Condo to Help Stop Meowing and Scratching (Misc.)

I think everyone should have this kit in their care. When the description said 90 pieces they weren’t kidding and these are high quality pieces too. Usually in kits like this its in expensive junk that won’t last. But with this bag it nothing but top of the line. Even the reflector triangle is a sturdy plastic and not something that will just fall apart over time. The towing cables are strong and very impressive. I loved that it even had a head lamp, batteries are not included. The first aid kit has everything you could possibly need too. I showed several friends and family members they were impressed by the quality. The bag is large to fit all this great stuff but it’s fairly flat and shouldn’t take up a lot of room in small vehicles. I drive an SUV so space isn’t an issue for me. but you can’t compromise safety. This is by far the best emergency kit I’ve seen on the market . #FirstSecure

HDTV Antenna, 1byone Super Thin Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna – 25 Miles Range with 10ft High Performance Coax Cable, Extremely Soft Design and Lightweight (Electronics)

I have tried several different HDTV antennas. I disconnected my cable awhile ago due to rising costs and the simple fact we do not watch a great deal of TV. I’ve tried antennas with a range of 50 miles and 25 miles, such as this one. I can honestly say I received the same amount of channels with this one as I did with the longer range antennas. But, the best feature I found on this antenna was that you do not need a USB port on your TV as you do with the other brands. Which also means fewer wires hanging around. It simply screws into the antenna port and that’s it. I live an a heavily wooded area so my signal is not that great to begin with. But I am certainly pleased with the quality of this antenna. #HDTVAntenna

Wotech® 8000mAh 2-Output Fast Charging Power Bank, Portable External Battery Charger Dark Blue Jeans Pattern, Fashion Style, Blue (Wireless Phone Accessory)

This power bank is far better then the other brands I’ve had and I had several. the other ones I had worked great the first few times then I noticed they started to lose their power after awhile and eventually not charge at all. What I really like about this one is the design. It has a very attractive slim sleek look to it. Since it is so think it doesn’t take up a lot of room in my bag. I can even stick it in my back pocket. When it arrived it was almost fully charged. I decided to charge it to 100% and it didn’t take long at all. I used this on an iPhone 5 and was blown away on how quickly it actually charged my phone. Usually I have to wait for what seems to be forever to get a full charge. I am very pleased with the performance of this power bank. I also like that it has two USB ports. Also on the side a blue light indicator shows how much power is left in the power bank. A very nice feature to have. The other brands I owned did not have that and I never knew how much juice was left in my power bank. #Wotech®8000mAh2-OutputFastChargingPowerBank,Portab

Escape the Room Stargazer’s Manor Board Game (Toy)

I absolutely love playing these type of games with family. It reminds me of the game clue but revamped. The directions are very well written and easy to follow. I really like that the host is also able to play along instead of sit on the sidelines and just watch. Everyone can have fun and this is a lot of fun. It makes you think and work on those problem solving skills. It does require a timer which is not included. I think that’s the only “con” I can think of. It would be nice if a timer was included in the box. But it’s not a big deal. But since it can take a couple of hours to play I guess it’s understandable why there is no timer in the box. You can also go online to their website and get hints. This is really a great game for everyone to join in and play. Can’t wait to play it again! #ThinkFun

Back-Spin Handheld Puzzle Game (Toy)

Talk about a challenging puzzle. This is puzzle reminds me of the Rubix Cube, it has the same concept. I did find it a little challenging to just mix up the colors. It takes a lot of concentration to fix the colors and put them in order the way they are supposed to be. Since it is all one piece there is no chance of losing the pieces. There is also no way you can even cheat this game. Especially since there are no stickers that can be pealed off and repositioned into the correct places. It’s a lot of fun and keep the mind occupied too. #ThinkFun

Car Air Purifier, Ionizer, Air cleaner, Ionic air purifier, Car Air Freshener and Order Eliminator | Removers Cigarettes Smoke, Bad Smell and Odors, Kill Harmful Viruses & Bacteria [BY Eco Breeze] (Kitchen)

First off I want to mention the obvious, it’s very pretty and looks night all lit up in the car. When I plugged it in I felt a slight cool breeze. Nothing too extreme where it would cool off the car, but just a little bit of air coming from the unit. I have seasonal allergies all year long so I am game to try anything that will help illuminate or at least ease my allergy issues. I did notice a change in the air after this ran for awhile. It was not instantaneous. I didn’t know any difference in the quality of the air in a short car ride. But after I let it room for some time there was a slight change. I believe the longer it runs the better it’ll work. #Ecobreeze

Loupe Led Magnifying Glass with Light – 3 Interchangeable Lenses 2.5x, 5x, 16x(exceeds 10x) – Including Cleaning Cloth, Case, Cleaning Brush and Credit Card Magnifier – For Reading, Kids & More (Office Product)

What a great gadget to have on hand. This is very helpful in so many different situations. I was able to read small print with ease. It’s great that it comes in different sizes too. I took the smaller size along with me to one of those restaurants that has the lights turned down low. I could actually read the menu. It was very helpful too when my daughter had a nasty splinter that I could not see with the naked eye. The carrying case is great to keep everything in one place since I tend to lose things when there are several pieces included. #promotion

Sturdy Metal Flag Stand + American Flag by GreenWeR. Wrought Iron Stand with Rubber Stopper + Anti-Wind Clip. Patriotic Flag – Weather Proof & Wind Resistant. Garden / Patio / Pot 32″ Flag Stake

I’ve had other flag stands and the metal pole is usually very flimsy. It never screws in tightly and is wobbly. Also the flag never stays in place. Not so with this flag stand. The pole is very secure and a thicker metal. It plants firmly into the ground too. We’ve had several storms and high winds and the flag never budged. I also really like that there is a small clip that holds the flag in place and it does wave around or wrap itself around the pole. It was very easy to put together and looks great outside too. It’s not a large flag which is exactly what I needed. #promotion

Haus & Garten Pruning Shears – Titanium Bypass Hand Pruner

Talk about heavy duty and built to last. I’ve had garden tools before and I’ve gone through different brands of pruning shears. I’ve had them break, rust, fall apart, dull or just never did the job right. These pruning shears cut through the toughest of branches I have, with ease. They are so sharp and cut through so easily without breaking a sweat. I didn’t struggle and hurt my hand using these. I also was able to prune with one hand instead of using two, because I couldn’t cut through the branch. It was practically effortless. I can’t get over the high quality craftsmanship. These will last a long time. I won’t have to keep replacing them. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can’t go wrong with that. #Hausandgarten

Aposon Mens Digital Electronic Military Outdoor Wrist Sport Watch with LCD Display, Calendar Month Date Day, Comfortable Rubber Band, 164ft 50M 5ATM Water Resistant, Alarm, Stop Watch – Black (Watch)

This watch proves you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a good quality item. My daughter wanted to give this to her father as a gift and he loved it. The numbers are large enough he didn’t need his glasses to see the time. It’s easy enough to figure out how to set, even without reading the instructions. The band is a nice smooth design and doesn’t feel like cheap plastic. The light feature illuminates the time really nicely. You can actually see the time in the dark without struggling. I am very impressed with how well made this watch is, especially since it’s so inexpensive. My only concern is that on the back of the watch it gives a “Japan battery code”. I have no clue what that means. I’m curious if I’ll be able to replace the battery when it comes time, since I’m in the U.S. #Aposon

Aposon Mens Digital Electronic Military Outdoor Wrist Sport Watch with LCD Display, Calendar Month Date Day, Comfortable Rubber Band, 164ft 50M 5ATM Water Resistant, Alarm, Stop Watch - Black

Stainless Steel Water Bottle 20 Oz Vacuum Insulated with Interchangeable Sports Handle Lid Carabiner and Extra Mouth Straw Lid

I’ve owned a ton of water bottles, all have been plastic. The plastic ones are ok, some of them are. Sometimes if water is left to long in a plastic water bottle it alters the taste. Also with plastic ones water does not stay cold, especially on warm days. I take a water bottle to work every day. After using this I’ll never take my plastic one again. This bottle kept my water cold basically all day while I was at work. It also didn’t sweat like plastic bottles do and I often have to get paper towels to sit under the bottle. But I didn’t have to do that with this one. I really like that it has two lids too. It is also great for when I go on hikes. It easily clips to my belt and stays hands free. It doesn’t alter the taste of my water either and is really easy to clean. #SteadyDoggie

Stainless Steel Water Bottle 20 Oz Vacuum Insulated with Interchangeable Sports Handle Lid Carabiner and Extra Mouth Straw Lid

Intociruit Compact Car Jump Starter and Power Bank with 400A Peak Current / 3 USB Charging Ports

As a woman that works extremely late hours in a fairly desolate area, I like having the security of having this on hand. I have already had a dead battery at 4am and had to wait an hour for AAA. Which is not fun. But having this I am able to jump my car by myself with in minutes and be on my way. I really like how compact it is an it’s heavy duty storage case. I can tuck it under my seat out of the way. Also having the three USB ports comes in pretty handy too. I always have to charge my phone and there is always someone else in my car that needs to charge theirs as well. Other great features are the compass and flashlight. This is built to last too. Very heavy duty and well made. It charged fairly quickly and it holds a charge too. Overall this comes with everything you need. This is a must have for anyone that drives. You can’t always rely on passerby’s to stop and help. #jumpstarter

PURGGO Car Air Freshener – Fragrance-Free – Lasts 365+ Days – Made with 100% Bamboo Charcoal – Auto Odor Eliminator, Remover, Neutralizer, Absorber – Best Refresher for Adults, Kids, Dogs [LAVA GRAY]

The most important feature to me is that it is fragrance free. Anytime I pick up car air fresheners the smell is to overwhelming the first couple of days and then that’s it. The smell is gone even though the claim is that it lasts a month. With the one it’ll last an entire year and I don’t have strong perfume odors in my car. Especially on a warm day when a fragrance can be very at it’s highest and the windows need to be rolled down to air it out. The strap adjusts easily to fit over the head rest on your seat. It lies flat against the back of the seat. It doesn’t move around or shift while driving. For some reason in my car I get a musty odor after a heavy rain storm. So far I haven’t had that odor after putting this in my car. It’s constructed very well, it is not cheaply made. It is a bit large and certainly a conversation starter when anyone has entered my car. This really helped me with my allergies too. I noticed I’m not sneezing quite as much, and I sneeze all the time. #purggo

Ohuhu Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Triforce Link 12 Hole, Alto C with Textbook

I’ll start by saying my daughter and I attend many Anime conventions. I’ve seen the Ocarina being sold many times at double if not triple this price. This is certainly a far better deal then I’ve seen in the past for the same quality. My daughter was very excited to see the new instrument she received. I really like that is comes with a small music book to show the position of the fingers and how to play basic songs to start out. At first I was holding it incorrectly which my daughter had to show me how to properly hold it. This is fully ceramic but not heavy at all. It comes with a small rope you can thread through and loop onto your wrist. Because you certainly do not want to drop this. Although it’s made very well I am very sure it will crack if not shatter if dropped on a hard surface. The blue color is absolutely stunning. This is also a great conversation piece. Display it on the shelf or coffee table and people will definitely be interested. I’ve always wanted to give this a try and I’m having a lot of fun learning how to play songs on it. #Ocarina

Ohuhu Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Triforce Link 12 Hole, Alto C with Textbook

Reach Cables Charging Cord for iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad Air, Mini and iPod – 10 Feet (Wireless Phone Accessory)

I used this cable for an iPhone 5. There are three things I really like about this cable. The main thing I like is the obvious, it’s completely rope, from one end to the other. Second it doesn’t coil or kink. It’s also very heavy duty. This is built to last so that it doesn’t crack and expose the wires, like traditional cable eventually do, which are ultimately a waste of money. Whether you want it completely straight or wrap rather it up it’s easy to maneuver. Third the length. If I use this in my home I really need a longer cable then most companies offer. The shorter lengths such as 3ft are fine for the car or when you need a power bank. I also noticed my phone did seem to charge a bit faster then other cables I’ve used. I’ve had all types of cables, from really cheap to very expensive. Some are good some not so much. This one worked very well for me. #ReachCablesIphoneIpadCord

Hydration Belt with Two 10oz BPA Free Water Bottles Fits All Smartphones Pocket for Women Men – Running Cycling Marathon Hiking & LED Safety Armband (Misc.)

This belt is very comfortable to wear. Since it’s neoprene it is very light weight. It does stay in place and doesn’t shift with a lot of movement. The only thing I wish was different was the bottle sizes. I would prefer the bottle to be a little bigger. 10oz just wasn’t enough for my but they do stay in place and can be easily removed when you need it. But aside from that this was great. The zippered pocket in the front held everything I needed to take a long with me and didn’t weigh the belt down or make it uncomfortable. I actually forgot I was wearing it. I really like that there is a small opening to feed the wire of the ear buds through. This definitely keeps everything hands free. Since it is neoprene it cleans up very easily. The waist strap is elastic and adjustable. The pockets where the bottles sit is padded along the back. This makes it even more comfortable. I’ll take this belt everywhere. #GoldBergGear

Hydration Belt with Two 10oz BPA Free Water Bottles Fits All Smartphones Pocket for Women Men - Running Cycling Marathon Hiking & LED Safety Armband

1byone 9000mAh 12V Multi-Function Smart Portable Car Jump Starter Powerbank for Smartphones & Digital Devices

Having this in the car certainly give me peace of mind. I love that it had a rugged storage case that keeps everything nice and nest in one place. It’s not to large so it won’t take up much room. having this in my car is extremely important to me since I work third shift on one of my jobs. I’ve already experienced a dead battery at 4AM in the winter when the temperature was below 0. Having to wait in the cold for AAA to arrive was not pleasant. I also love that this is a power bank for my phone. There have been times where I forgot my car charger and my phone was dead. This also make me uneasy to drive around and not have the security of a functioning phone in case of an emergency. When this arrived I instantly put it on charge. In total it took about two hours to fully charge the box. It is very easy to hook up to the battery. I never liked hooking up cables to two vehicles. But I like the security knowing I don’t need to find someone else to give me a jump. This is something I think everyone should have in their vehicle. #1byoneJumpStarter

Ohuhu Real Hand-free-washing Microfiber Floor Mop, 2-pack for Wet and Dry Cleaning

I have two cats and a teenage daughter. So needless to say there is always hair and fur everywhere. I love that I can just grab the dry mop and do quick sweep along the floor whether it be in the bathroom, kitchen etc. It grabs everything from crumbs to dust. When it’s time to do a deep cleaning the wet mop washed the floor perfectly. I love I don’t have to touch the pads to ring out the water. The only thing I noticed was there is absolutely no difference between the two mops. I looked over both of them and they are identical. The pads are the same size, there are no different markings etc. So as for have a dry and wet mop it’s your decision which is which.

The pads stay in place partially with Velcro and the other half slides into a groove to keep it in place. The pads can easily be removed and tossed into the washing machine. I like that the mops fold up flat and can be store virtually anywhere out of sit. You can even hang them up by the loop on top of the handle if desired. So storage is certainly not an issue. #FlooMop

Prymal Lion Mane Dog Cat Costume
My cats are spoiled and they have a bunch of treats and toys. I’ve tried putting clothes on them too but that doesn’t go over to well because they are a little to big to fit into any of the sizes offered for cats. I came across this hat and thought it would be so cute on them. I first put it on my male. He was not happy with me or the hat and instantly tried to get it off. So I quickly took it off of him so he wouldn’t get to upset. I them tried it on my female who is much more easy going when it comes to things like this. At first I put it on her she also wasn’t to thrilled but I took it off and then put it back on here. I did that several times and she seemed to be fine, because she knew it would come off easily. I think it bothered her at first because it muffled he hearing and that was a different experience for her. But once she got use to it she didn’t mind it at all and wore it with no problem. She looked so darn cute in it. It really gave us a good laugh watching her sit proudly wearing it. It also fit her perfectly. It wasn’t to tight and the Velcro came off very easily for quick removal. #LionCatHat

STAR Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Pest Control Repellent – Effectively Reject Roaches, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Rodents, Insects.

So far it seems pretty descent but with warmer months coming, that’s when the true test will take place. I live in a wooded area, surrounded by trees. We get all kinds of insects and critters especially spiders. I have to say so far I haven’t seen any spiders crawling around not have I had crickets like I normally do. I like that this is simple and I don’t need to do anything other then plugging it in! I also have cats and it doesn’t seem to faze them. So I also like it’s not harmful to them in any way. That’s a big plus! #STARULTRASONICPESTREPELLER

STAR Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Pest Control Repellent - Effectively Reject Roaches, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Rodents, Insects.

Pink 2-Way High Quality Bath Hair Catcher Stopper Drain Filter Trap Sink Strainer by Prestige Ind.

I always use those metal wired mesh drain catchers. They always get really gross, are difficult to clean and do rust. Even when the packaging says they don’t. I decided to give this silicone hair catcher a try and I love it. I’ll never go back to the gross mesh ones. This is really easy to clean. It fits perfectly in my sink and it catches everything that shouldn’t go down the drain. It doesn’t clog on me and the water goes down the drain slowly. The “heart” holes are the perfect size. It’s not very big or deep and that is far better then other I’ve tried. The other ones never last long and I waste money buying replacements. I don’t have to replace this one. It’s sturdy and will last awhile. The dome can face down or up, which ever you prefer. I have mine facing down into the drain. It actually does what it is designed to do. #JGOB

NinjaCat Imported Asiatic Catnip – Pack of 6 Raw Catnip Sticks with Natural Bark Silvervine (Misc.)

This is certainly a different and unusual catnip product. I personally have never seen anything like it. I never knew catnip could be made or even purchased in any other way then the regular dried leaves. But this is interesting! I received 3 foil packs, there are two sticks in each pack. My cats must have been able to smell it before I could even get it out of the packaging. Because they both started to roll around on the floor when I was removing it from the shipping box. I got on the floor with them and they continued to roll around next to me. I took one pack out and gave each cat their own stick. They both loved it. I have one female and one male cat. Although they both enjoyed the sticks it seemed the male was more interested then the female. She lost interest after a few minutes but he kept playing with it for awhile and he’s not the type of cat that plays a lot. But I put it away for a day or so and then brought it back out and it was like giving them a new toy all over again. #MDRNPet

Amber Crown PAC-SGD1 Flea and Tick Control Collar with Adjustable Leather Strap for Dogs and Cats (Misc.)

I was really excited to give this product a try. I honestly had no confidence in it working as a flea collar. I purchased it for my indoor cat. I have two cats and I wasn’t sure which one I’d put it on so I tested it out on both of them. I got the smaller size and it fit both of them perfectly. My cats a fairly large! So when it arrived I first put it on my male cat. Well he did not like it at all!! He’s worn collars before so I’m not really sure what the issue was with it. I put it on him and he just acted funny, was walking sideways and doing all sorts off odd behaviors. I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable so I took it off of him. I then put it on my female cat. She loved it!! I guess girls really do love their jewelry because she walked around as if she was something special. It never bothered or irritated her. She didn’t act funny of scratch at it. Since they are indoor cats I really don’t have a flea issue and never had ticks. But my female often scratched, I’m not sure at what, but she did. After she wore this a couple of days I noticed she wasn’t scratching. So I will attribute that to this collar and for that I am thankful. #ambercrown

Amber Crown PAC-SGD1 Flea and Tick Control Collar with Adjustable Leather Strap for Dogs and Cats

LUFFY Giant Marimo Moss Ball x 3 pcs + 1 Free Nano Marimo

I’ll start by saying I honestly had no clue what these things were. I’ve never heard of them before but now I seem to see them all the time. From what I read they are actually not moss at all but a rare growth form of algae. Regardless, they are really cool. These can be used in an aquarium or even terrarium. I have them lying on the bottom of a large beautiful vase with a single Betta fish. It really enhances the beauty and uniqueness of my little fish bowl. So much better then have plain stones or plastic aquarium plants that don’t actually look like any plant at all. The fish bowl water has stayed clean and clear and the Marimo ball is flourishing. This is my first experience with this type of plant. I don’t have a green thumb at all and I think I finally found a plant I won’t kill. I do not have the bowl sitting in direct sunlight and I think if you follow the directions you will be able to enjoy these Marimo balls for a long time. As a matter of fact they are now even a richer, darker green then when I first received them. #Marimos

To save 21% off your order please use  code K8L4JFJC discount code

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for Polishing Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances & Streak Free Glass 3pk (Kitchen)

I mainly wanted to give these towels a try for my chrome dish washer and refrigerator. I constantly have streaks, smudges and finger prints on them and it drives me crazy. No matter what I use I can’t seem to get it completely smudge free. When these cloths arrives I added just a little bit of water to one and wiped down my dishwasher. I couldn’t believe that it polished it completely…smudge free! It didn’t leave any streaks or anything behind and all I used was a few drops of water. These cloths are also super absorbent. I decided to dry a few dishes with them and it completely wiped away the water. I also used it on a spill I would have normally used a paper towel with. Once again it completely dried up the wetness. Unlike paper towels where I feel like I’m just pushing the liquid around and it never disappears. There are definitely more uses for these cloths then just polishing. #pckt

Ohuhu 25 Feet Expandable Garden Hose with Brass Connector and Spray Nozzle

I am loving this hose. This is a great light weight portable hose that is easy to use for anyone. The connector and adapter are a very heavy duty brass, built to last. Unlike other brands that make a plastic connectors which usually end up cracking at some point, especially in colder weather. Or others that are made of aluminum and rust or get bent somehow and never connect properly. This will not happen with this hose. The hose is also made extremely well. The pressure it offers it pretty impressive. I like that it fully expands to 25′ long to almost a solid hose, but still pretty flexible and easy to maneuver. Once you turn the hose off it almost shrivels up instantly. It rolls up and stores away easy and virtually takes up no room at all. Actually it can be stored back in the box it came in or a similar size. The nozzle has several different spray and stream options too. It’s a heavy duty plastic and works very well. #GardenHose

100 Pokemon Cards with Ultra Rare! Bonus 3 Pokemon Online Code Cards, 2 Booster Packs and 1 Pack of Protective Card Sleeves! Includes 3 Custom Golden Groundhog Token Counters! (Toy)

This is a nice mix of Pokémon cards. My daughter is a collector of these cards and we usually pick up the small foiled packs in the store. Which ends up costing a lot more for just a few cards. I don’t know much about the actual game itself as I’ve never played it. However, this is a good price for a large amount of cards. I especially like that it comes in a tin storage box. Which is large enough to hold twice as many cards and compact enough to carry around. No need to buy an additional album, album inserts or case etc.. This bundle also has a great variety of cards with very few duplicates. Wide variety of “basic”, “stage 1” and “stage 2” cards, also includes several trainer cards etc. Hp ranges from 30 all the way through 180. My particular bundle came with four online reward codes. I also noticed there’s a mix of dates on the cards the earliest I noticed was 2006 all the way to 2015 and a mix of value for each card. I also received two foil packs in this bundle. This is a really nice addition to any collection whether you are a bigger or more experienced. #GoldenGroundhogPokemonLots

100 Pokemon Cards with Ultra Rare! Bonus 3 Pokemon Online Code Cards, 2 Booster Packs and 1 Pack of Protective Card Sleeves! Includes 3 Custom Golden Groundhog Token Counters!

Bluetooth Foldable Selfie Stick with shutter button / Monopod – Extends to 31.4 inches – For Taking Amazing Self Portrait Shots on Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iOS & Android Devices, Cameras and All Other Bluetooth Enabled Devices – Gnome Workshop® – Blue (Wireless Phone Accessory)

This selfie stick is so easy to use. It charges rather quickly and it holds a charge for awhile. The Bluetooth connected with no issues and it was fast too. Hold down the button, turn the Bluetooth setting on look for the Gnome connection and you’re good to go. I used this selfie stick with an iPhone 5 and I also I tried it out with an Android. Both worked great with it. I love how the handle feels. It’s a smooth soft grip and really comfortable to hold. It extends nicely and at a really good length too. I really like that it’s light weight. It’s not difficult or awkward to hold, even with the phone on the end of it. The phone holder really grips on to the phone so that it won’e slip and it also extends pretty wide for those large phones. The “neck” of the stick is adjustable so that it can be angled easily and tightens so it stays in the position you choose. It folds up nicely and is very compact, so it can be tucked away in a bag of even back pocket.It also comes with a wrist strap. #GnomeWorkshop

Ohuhu 21′ Twist-n-Lock Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake with 6″ by 25″ Poly Blade

Even though its called a roof “rake”, I think it should just be called a shovel. Let me start by saying the box arrived severely damaged through shipping. The box was practically non existent. Obviously this is not the companies fault. I did contact them because I had no idea if all of the contents were still accounted for, since there was no instruction sheet. I never received a response from them. So I winged it and after looking at the pictures on their listing I determined I did in fact have all the pieces I needed to put it together. Through no help from the seller and since I had no instructions, I figured out how to attach the shovel. The pole was difficult at first to extend but once I worked it a little it became easier. This stands over 6′ tall when its not extended. I drive an SUV and I am only 5’3″. I usually have to balance on the running board or open the car door and stand inside in order to reach the roof. With this shovel is was really easy for me to stand in front and behind my vehicle and reach the top of the roof with ease. It moved the wet heavy snow effortlessly. There is no excuse to not clear the snow off the roof of any vehicle. #SnoShoveRooRake

Blissfare Neck Wallet with Removable Waist Strap – RFID Blocking Passport Holder – The Travel Cache

Since I have no real way to test this out to see if it really keeps my identity safe I’ll comment on the wallet itself. I really like that it not only has a neck strap but also a waist strap. You can certainly keep your belonings very close and secure this way, especially while traveling. The wallet is very light weight you’d barely notice you are wearing it at all. There are a few different sized zippered pockets that are really handy to organize you things, money, passport, tickets, credit cards etc. The back of the wallet is a nice soft padded fabric. So if you choose to wear it against your skin it’ll be comfortable and not cause irritation, especially during the warm seasons. If you want you can remove the waist strap you can and just hang it around your neck instead. #Blissfare

PJ 19″ Cotton Canvas Duffle Bag (Black)

I really like this little bag. Its the perfect size for me. Most duffle bags are to large and my things get lost inside. I often find myself digging endlessly in the bag. This bag is much smaller but can certainly hold a lot. Whether its for the gym, over night, travel. Or if you are like me, take it to work. It doesn’t take up a lot of room either. Since its canvas it is really easy to clean. It also has a really nice cotton lining inside and the zipper is a nice thick plastic, not the thin cheap metal zipper thar usually breaks or pulls apart. This is built to last. This is a great bag for everyone. Sturdy enough to be tossed around yet nice and light weight. There are a couple of features I wish it had. One I wish there was a pocket or pouch on the inside. Just to help seperate some small items, such as car keys etc. The other feature I wish it had was protectors for the straps. Whether it be an adjustable shoulder strap or even a piece of padded vinyl. The straps are a nice thick canvas too. But, since its a light tan color it will get dirty very quickly. Aside from that its a great bag to have on hand. #TheGymBag

The Original Silicone Anti-slip Bath Mat (White, 16″ X 28″). THE #1 Rated Luxurious Silicone Slip-resistant Bath Mat

This mat is not to large yet not to small. It covers the area that mainly needs to be covered. When it’s wet the suction cups do a better job sticking to the tub. I noticed when it dries it tends to pop up a bit. Which is not a big deal. When you run the water it’s best to step all over the mat to make sure it’s sticking securely to  the tub. The first time it was used my daughter tried it out. She said it kept shifting on her. Since the tub wasn’t wet yet when she got in the mat didn’t have a chance to get a good suction to the tub. I used it shortly after and didn’t have an issue since it was still damp. Another time I filled the tub with water and the mat started to float. Once I pressed it back down it stayed in place. It has a nice texture that doesn’t allow you to slip and slide. Which is very important because there’s been many times I fell because the tub became to slippery. The only thing I would change is to add a little more padding. It’s just not soft enough to stand on. At first when you get on in you can slightly feel the suction cups through the mat. You eventually get use to it but if there was a small layer of padding it would eliminate that odd feeling. #Siliconeantislipbathmat Buy on Amazon

Ohuhu  Oscillating Sprinkler,  3600 Square  Feet

I’ve seen the same type of sprinklers in the stores for twice as much, this is definitely a great price. The one thing I do not like is the poor quality of the instructions. A side note to the company is to please redo the instructions. The photo copy is very light and it’s difficult to see the pictures. Aside from that this is a really nice sprinkler. 18 brass jets that are removable if there’s ever a clog. It offers four different spray patterns too which I really like. Since I don’t always want a full range. It’s nice and light weight ands easy to more from one area to the next. I’m really looking forward to the hot summer days to splay in the sprinkler stream! #OscillatinSprinkler

Ohuhu Oscillating Sprinkler, 3600 Square Feet

C+f Slim Packing Cubes – Large Enough for Jeans and Jackets – Multipurpose Packing Organizers
I love that this cube is small but fits so much. I can literally fit my over night back inside this thing. It’s a lot deeper then I expected. You can certainly read about measurements, but in all honesty that means nothing until you can actually experience those dimension first hand. It comes with a small insert that gives you packing tips too. Having several of these in one suit case would be great. You can organize all of your outfits and each cube has a handle which is also convenient. I’m looking forward to taking this little “big” guy with my every time I travel. I also love that it’s very light weight. It will not take up any additional room at all, or additional weight to your bag. #packingcube

C+F Slim Packing Cubes, Extra Deep - Large enough for Jeans and Jackets - Luggage Accessories and Packing Organizers, Multipurpose

Estilo High Quality Stainless Steel Toilet Brush and Holder This arrived extremely fast in the mail. Which is always a plus for me. For some reason I though the box would have been bigger. So I was a little surprised it was smaller then expected when it arrived. However, when I took it out of the box I realized the handle wasn’t attached yet, that’s why the box was smaller. So I screwed in the stainless steel handle to the plastic brush through the opening in the lid. There is a plastic insert inside the brush holder which can be easily removed when it’s comes time to clean it out. This way you’re not ruining the inside of the cylinder. I love how it looks in my bathroom. It’s a very simple yet elegant design and looks nice and neat. Unlike the plastic toilet brush I typically hide in the bathroom closet. It’s not very wide or tall so it doesn’t take up a lot of room. Which is great for even small bathrooms. In my bathroom it stands just below the toilet seat. It is a nice light weight high quality brush that looks great. It was a great price too! #TOILETBRUSH

NOVICA 925 Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings with 18k Gold-Plated Accents, ‘Dewdrop Leaves’ These beautiful earrings arrived extremely fast in the mail. They are very well made and beautifully crafted. Not heavy at all, they are nice and light weight. I really like the length of the hooks because they stay in place with out having to readjust them throughout the day. I don’t like really big or even long earrings, these are the perfect size too. I’ve received so many compliments on these incredible earrings. Everyone wants to know where I bought them. They also arrive in a beautifully designed cloth bag, which is perfect for either storage or gift giving. Novica is a great company that noticeably takes pride in the high quality jewelry they create and they are very customer oriented too. #DewdropLeaves

NOVICA 925 Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings with 18k Gold-Plated Accents, 'Dewdrop Leaves'

Meterteck Digital Multimeter (DMM) – Voltmeter, Ohmmeter, Ammeter – 1 Year Guarantee This definitely a tool every household should have. There have been so many times I threw out batteries because I thought they were no longer working. If I had this in the past I probably would have saved a lot of money on those batteries and not wasted perfectly good ones. I am also thrilled I can test my outlets. I have some electrical problems in a few outlets and this gives me a better idea as to what the issue might be. I can see if the outlet is completely dead or if its getting some power. There are so many uses for this product, I love it! It also gives me peace of mind. It’s very easy to use. I had no issues and I certainly have no electrical knowledge of any type. #Meterteck

Meterteck Digital Multimeter (DMM) - Voltmeter, Ohmmeter, Ammeter - 1 Year Guarantee

Zam-art Liquid Chalk Marker I am so happy with these markers. It’s more like painting in my opinion. Push in the tip to allow the paint to absorb so you are able to color or write with it. these work on everything and the colors are vibrant. It also cleans up very easily. I managed to make a mess and get it all over my fingers (at my own fault, not the markers), it washed off with ease, no scrubbing needed and it didn’t stain either. These are great for all kinds of projects and easy to use for all ages. #ZAMArt

Chalk Markers ,10 Vibrant Color Pen Pack, Premium Quality Double Life Pens 8 Grams of Ink Easy Erasable, 6 Mm Reversible Tips. For Chalkboard, Whiteboards, Glass, Plastic, Paper, Bistro. And More

Baby teething toys These teething toys are so adorable! I picked these up for a friend who’s baby is now 6mths old, and of course starting to teethe. The little one really enjoyed chewing on these. They are flexible and easy for little hands to hold. I personally did not notice an odor, but anything silicone and right out of the package with have some sort of scent that usually dissipates. I liked that they are soft unlike so many other teething toys I’ve seen that seem to hard for sensitive mouths. There are different textures on each toy and two finger brushes to help with massaging. So adorable!! #Mygreatbaby

Baby Teether Toys - Best Infant Teething Toys For Boys & Girls - 100% BPA FREE & Safe From Any Toxic Chemicals - Fun & Soft For an Amazing Soothing Gum Relief

60W A19 Antique Filament Bulb These light bulbs are by far the coolest bulbs I’ve seen in a long time. I love the “antique” feel they have. They cast a nice yellowish glow. I put them in my ceiling fan and also hallway light. They are nice and bright but not overly harsh. I also love how it looks like the bulbs were hand blown. They have a little nub at the type which gives it that handmade feel. You can feel the difference in the weight and thickness in these bulbs compared to what is offered in the stores. Most bulbs feel so fragile that they would shatter if you touch them to anything, not these. These are also very well made. #EF002A19

MADKING 60W A19 Filament Bulb with Medium Base (E26) Nostalgia Edison Style, Antique Light Bulbs (6 Pack)

NOVICA .925 Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings ‘Paradise’ (12mm) Let me just say these are very pretty in the picture but, beautiful in person. The detail put into these is remarkable. I love that they are sterling silver, very light weight but sturdy too. These might look heavy but they are not. I don’t like earrings that weight down on the ear lobes. These hang so nicely and I’ve received so many compliments on them. The hoop is not cheaply made and hooks easily, but stays closed. Nothing worse then having an earring come undone and constantly having to fix it. They also arrive in a very pretty drawstring bag. Which is great to either store them in or give it as a gift. #ParadiseHoops

NOVICA .925 Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings 'Paradise' (12mm)

Colorful Cats Adult Coloring Book I did not purchase it from Amazon but received it directly from the company. Adult coloring books seem to be the newest thing now a day. If you are a cat lover or know someone that is you will absolutely love this coloring book. The detail in the illustrations are absolutely beautiful! The creator of this book is truly talented. There are so many different and wonderful pages that it will certainly keep you entertained for many hours. I’m thrilled I was able to receive this book I highly recommend it! #colorfulcats

Colorful Cats Adult Coloring Book: A Coloring Book for Grown-Ups (Adult Coloring Books, Coloring Pages for Grown-Ups) (Volume 4)

Premium Magnetic Screen Door I’ve been wanting to get a good screen like this for awhile. I purchased a cheaper version many years ago and it was a waste of money. It didn’t do what it was supposed to and never laid flat, which was aggravating. This magnetic screen door is much different and far better then other brands I’ve looked at. When you take it out of the packaging you can feel that this is a really good quality material. It’s very heavy duty and was so easy to install. It comes with every thing you need. The magnets are strong but not so much that they don’t separate with ease.The screen itself is durable and will last a long time. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It will definitely keep the bugs out. #MagneticScreenDoor

Calming Ocean Waves CD – Brings You Relaxation & Sleep 60 minutes of relaxing oceans waves. The sounds on this CD are very soothing and have a wonderful calming effect. Listening to this CD at any time is a great way to wind down from a stressful moment or day. Whether you play it before you go to sleep, if you meditate or even in the car to help calm you during rush hour. It is truly amazing how something so simple can be so effective. I really enjoy listening to this CD. It has fantastic crisp and clear sound quality

Belly Fat: Blowout Fat, Lose Inches, Lose Weight, Lose Belly Fat, Feel Great: 10 day jump-start to fast metabolic fat burning without dieting (Live Fit) (Kindle Edition) This eBook has a lot of great tips, ideas and recipes. Very well written and easy to follow. Simple guidelines and even shopping lists to help you along. Finally a “diet” book that is not confusing. I shouldn’t call it a diet book but rather a change in lifestyle and bad habits. The book offers a step by step program that seems simple enough that you’ll stick to it. It changes throughout the book so it’ll keep you interested and not get board.

Free Yourself From The Diet Language (Kindle Edition) This book is certainly insightful and well written. Sometimes it felt a bit repetitive but over all I found it to be interesting. The author is able to draw you in with several recollections. You feel like you’re part of the book by understand what others have gone through and how they think. You start to realize that maybe you’re not alone. The author is able to make you reanalyze ourselves as well as our way of thinking about ourselves. It helps show a different approach from what we are use to, in a way of why we do what we do and why we feel the way we feel.

CP0037 8GB Digital Voice Recorder This is a great recorder at even a better price. Very easy to use! The playback is crystal clear, I was actually impressed how well it recorded. I decided to test it out a couple different ways. I hit record while the TV was playing and I sat about 25 feet away. It picked up the voices very clearly, no crackling or static. Then I used the microphone that it comes with. Amazing quality! It might be small but it’s very powerful. Save files and delete files. It comes with several different attachments, aside from the microphone (with a clip), there’s ears buds, phone jack and a few other goodies. You won’t be disappointed in this gadget.

Long Range Wireless Doorbell w/ Lifetime Warranty. Professional Door Chime w/ Loud Adjustable Volume by Guardline. I’ve been looking for a really good high quality doorbell for my 88yr old grandmother. I feel like I’ve been buying her a new one every year for the past few years. They just don’t last. I was able to get this particular item at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I’m so happy I took that opportunity!

This doorbell is perfect!! The volume is adjustable and it’s nice and loud. Which was a feature I needed. The directions are easy to follow and it’s simple to program. It has a nice long range, which I tested out throughout the house. I plugged the main base in but, you can also use batteries. This comes with one button cell battery for the doorbell. It also has a lot of different sounds to choose from and can easily be changed if you want something different from day to day. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good quality doorbell. My Amazon Review.

iPhone 6 / 6S Waterproof Case [FREE Lanyard Strap] – Built in Screen Protector Guard – Up to 32 Feet Deep in Water – 4.7 inch – Hard Bumper Cover This case is very light weight and sturdy. It’s a hard plastic and not bulky at all. I like that it gives you peace of mind knowing your phone is protected from virtually everything! The directions that come with it state you are to unscrew the screws and pop open the case with your fingers to put your phone in. However, there were no screws to unscrew when I took it out of the box. I was also not able to get it open with my fingers, I needed to use a tool to snap it open, it took a little effort. When I finally got it open I noticed several screws inside a small bag along with a small screw driver and wrist strap. I am very pleased with this case! My Amazon review

Dot&Dot – 2oz Travel Bottles This travel bottle is perfect for everything, from lotions to shampoo. It’s easy to squeeze and perfect for someone that has arthritis or problems with their hands. It’s a no drip nozzle so when you squeeze it, you control how much comes out. The opening is wide enough to easily pour anything you’d like inside. This is one of the better travel bottles I’ve seen or used. It’s very light weight and not bulky. I only wish I had picked up several more.


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