I’ll review different products in relation to fitness. Whether it be exercise equipment or supplements etc.

SEXYWG Neoprene Sauna Suit – Adjustable Shaper…

I strongly suggest you get one to two sizes larger then what you would normally wear. I got one size larger and it just fits. However if I was any larger in the breast area it would not fit comfortable at all, and I may not have been able to zip it up. The waist fit perfectly. If you want to get a good sweat during a work out, this is definitely the way to go. It was form fitted with no extra room and fit under my clothes without added bulk. The waist cincher can be adjusted to how you like it and really helps with back support. It it easy to wash too. I put it in the washing machine but I air dried it. It’s easy on and easy off. The zipper didn’t get stuck and it the zipper pull move easily. But stayed in place. There’s even a little pocket on the inside of the belt. #sexywg


These replaced the Everlast wraps I had. In comparison these are slight wider and a lot longer. These are very thin and lightweight. So far they haven’t stretched out, but let’s see what happens after several washing’s. I wear these under my boxing gloves. Since they are thin there is no protection, knuckle support or cushion. But then again the Everlast brand didn’t offer that either. You basically have to toughen up your hands or add knuckle guards. I suggest the knuckle guards. Overall they do what they were supposed to do. #mountainstriking

The Ultimate Squat – Strengthen your Lower…

This has taken squats to a whole new level. It is super easy to put together and just as easy to take apart. I love that it comes with a storage/travel bag. This is a fairly long bar but when it’s stored in the bag it takes up very little room. The resistance bands are easily removed. I have other resistance bands with a higher resistance and I am able to attach them to this bar. Because the bands that it comes with is very low impact but a great way to build up. The bar itself is not weighted so it can be used by basically anyone. The pads on the bar add support and comfort. Which is very much needed on the neck. The foot straps/stirrups have a soft foam and those are comfortable too. I have actually incorporated this bar in a variety of exercises, not just squats. The possibilities are endless.

Fitness DVD – Top Selling, Best Workout utilizing HIIT, Yoga, Core Strengthening, Pilates & Cardiovascular Training – Great Exercise dvd – for All Lev

Where do I even begin?! First off I really wanted to like this DVD. I was so excited to get it and try something different. I am full of so much disappointment from start to finish, that I kept a timeline. I’ll start by the cover of the DVD it shows Erin holding what appears to be a metal bar. Perhaps a weighted bar. Although no bar comes with the DVD and now I know why. You are expected to go to the hardware store to purchase a wooden dowel. That is far different then an “air bar”. But I can get past that, because it’s not really a big deal you can pretty much use anything including weights. The first 3 min. was just listening to her talk…I fast forwarded through this. The next 10 min was stretching. I think that’s a bit excessive for just a warm up.

I honestly felt sorry for the guy standing behind her because he look like he didn’t know what was going on. It looked like they never rehearsed and it was quickly thrown together. He looked very out of place. It took her 11 minutes into the DVD before she acknowledged he was there. As I said I kept a time line. Her loud exhaling was getting to me and I had enough of it. I thought it was comical at first but quickly got tired of it. I like to point out there are no beginner modifications at all and there are no segments. This runs an hour straight through, most people do not have an hour to dedicate to an work out. Most people also can not do a warrior 3 pose. Or exercises standing on one leg. This is not a workout for everyone and I honestly didn’t find these exercises to be something I’d want to do again.

There are NO water breaks of any type of break unless you stop and start the DVD your self. 40 minutes into the workout Erin just awkwardly stops as if she didn’t know what else to do next. It then faded out and back in, jumping into a new workout. Each workout lasted approx. 30 sec. – 2min long give or take. At the end was a few final stretches for the cool down and standing in a Namaste stance for 3 1/2 minutes listening to her talk again. Although the talking (rambling) was non stop anyway. Erin is enthusiastic but lacks the energy to really motivate someone to keep going and come back for more. I was bored and annoyed more then anything. The music is very generic and basic, nothing that gets you pumped. It’s for a  typical homemade type workout video.  #AIRBAREXERCISES

Trekking / Hiking / Walking Pole 7075 Aluminum with Quick Lock

I’ve seen other walkers and hikers use trekking poles and I always thought what was the purpose of this? But I was curious enough to give it a try. All I can say is wow, this makes a huge difference in performance. Word to the wise, make sure after you adjust your length to where you need it, tighten the screws so it stays in place. I learned that the hard way. I adjusted the length I waTrekking / Hiking / Walking Pole 7075 Aluminum with Quick Locknted and then went on my walk. At one point I placed it on the ground and it basically retracted. this is only because the screws needed to be tighten. Since it is aluminum and it is hollow, it is very light weight. This is easier to hold and carry then if you picked up a long branch from the ground. Please keep in mind this is not a cane nor a crutch. Do not put your weight on the pole while using it. It will not support you! The strap is also adjustable so you can make that as big or small as you’d like to fit all sized hands. While using this it really made a difference in walking. I took it on a 5 mile hike and was able to go farther and faster. My arm never fatigued either. This will stay in the car for future hikes. #roweoutdoors


StabilityAce Tennis Elbow Support Brace – Compression Pad for Pain Relief of Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow – One Size Fits Most (1 piece)
I am actually pretty surprised how comfortable this really is. I’ve used compression sleeves in the paStabilityAce Tennis Elbow Support Brace - Compression Pad for Pain Relief of Tennis & Golfer's Elbow - One Size Fits Most (1 piece)st and didn’t have much confidence in this at first. It is very easy to put on and adjust with just one hand and no assistance from anyone else. I never had an issue with it sliding or shifting. This is neoprene so it did make that area of my arm sweat a bit. But, since it didn’t cause any discomfort I forgot I was wearing it. It creates a nice amount of compression. Since it’s adjustable you can decide just how much compression you actually need, since we are all different and have different needs that’s an important feature. Unlike a compression sleeve where you only have one option. this braces also makes you more aware of your mobility and helps keep that controlled. So that you are not over extending. This is a very well made and useful brace to have on hand when you need it. #tenniselbowbrace

NewGenre Knee Brace This is made very well, it’s sturdy neoprene and the top and bottom straps are nice and long and can stretch to the desired length. However, the center strap that lays behind the knee is not long enough for me. I am not a large person but I could barely get it to close securely and even when I did I could feel the Velcro scratch the back of my knee. I tucked that strap under and it’s really not needed. The straps do have sharp scratchy edges. But once the brace was on and in place it was comfortable. It did not slip nor get in the way of my every day routine. It did help with my knee pain too. #NewGenre My Amazon review.


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