Fun and Games

Ohuhu RC Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro…

My daughter was thrilled when this arrived. As with anything there are usually pros and cons. I will start with the con. The battery life really does only last about 7 minutes. As it states in the description “7 Minute flight time and 100 minute charge time.” This claim is 100% accurate. 7 minutes is just not long enough. Even though it does come with 2 batteries and you can switch one out for the other. I really wish the battery lasted much longer because having it die in such a short time really puts a damper on the fun. The controls do so many different things and it does take practice to use this properly. Just when you think you get the handle of it, the battery dies. The other issue I ran into was trying to access the video from the SD card on my laptop. The pictures were fine. I was able to view them and I was actually impressed with the quality of these pictures. I did add a few pictures that the drone took. However, I can’t comment on the video quality since sadly I’ve yet to be able to view it. Aside from the issues this comes with every thing you need with the exception of AA batteries used for the remote control.

This is a very light weight plastic and at first I was a little con


cerned about that. The plastic is very thin and I thought for sure this would just shatter if it hit the ground to hard. I was very wrong. Upon trying to work the controls there were many times the drone ran into hard surfaces. It was slammed to the ground, into a tree, not to mention the side of the building. This was not done on purpose. But the drone held up great and never malfunction or even broke. Very impressed. The remote has a nice long range too. I was really surprised just how high the drone was able to go. Also make sure you are not landing in tall grass or weeds. Because it wraps around the propellers and is a pain to pull off. #Copter

What a cute game.  Now I know this is suppose to be for children 5 and up. However, my 15 year old absolutely loves playing this. She’s a math buff and likes little puzzles like this. So as soon as it arrived she was very interested in playing it. To my surprise she actually had a lot of fun trying to figure out the correct ways of putting the beans on the balance bean. It was something different we’ve never had in the house and she’s played it several times. So this is actually a great game for the whole family. It even comes with a storage bag so you don’t have to worry about losing any of those pieces. #ThinkFun




Swim Goggles with Swimming Cap Earplugs and…

I got these for my daughter who will only wear goggles in the water, due to the fact she has eye sensitivity. It was tight when she first put it on but it was really easy to adjust. There are small tabs on the sides that need to be lifted just a tad, when released it locks into place. So there is no chance for it to loosen when place on the head. These fit nicely over the eyes with no gaps. It creates a flawless seal. When the goggles are removed you can hear the suction sound. The tint is very dark but is exactly whats needed for those bright sunny days. You can look directly into the sun and you can see clearly. This provides a lot of UV protection for your eyes.



Yo-Kai Watch Multi-Character Print Micro…

My daughter is a big fan of Yokai watch. So she was so excited when she received this blanket. She owns so many plush blankets that just don’t hold up well in the wash. After several times in the washing machine they loose their softness. Microfiber is so much better. After I washed this blanket it felt just as soft as it did the day it arrived. It’s a nice big size too. She has a full size bed and it almost fit the entire top of it. The graphics are also well made. It’s not going to peel off or fade anytime soon. It’s a great blanket for her to sleep with or cuddle with on the couch. I hope they come out with different Yokai blankets with other characters. the only thing I would want different with this one is to add a little bit of color on the characters. Instead of the different shades of blue. But aside for that it’s perfect. #YoKaiThrow