Great Baby Gifts

YourEcoFamily Muslin Fitted Crib Sheet -…

The muslin fabric is extremely light weight and a breathable material. It’s the perfect sheet for those warm and hot months. Sheets should always be washed first when taken out of the packaging. Muslin holds up very well after being laundered and it doesn’t shrink in the dryer. This is certified organic muslin. To be perfectly honest I have no clue what the difference is compared to a non organic sheet. But I do know this is nice high quality sheet at an affordable price and it’s meant to last a long time. The little bee design is so adorable. This was a great gift parred with this companies muslin blanket.



60 all together, three separate packages. For me this was absolutely great to give as three different baby gifts. Since there were three packages I added them to each basket I made up. But these don’t have to be used for just babies. Since it’s such a pretty design it can really be used by anyone. These are a nice size and a good way to have a clean eating area, free of germs. They fold up nicely too and can be put into any bag for traveling. They are disposable but can also be wiped down for more then one use. #suessie

Richest Pacifier Clip Set of 3 for Boys and…

What a cute idea. The pacifier clips are just the right size and length. Not to long or to small where it would could be a potential hazard. The storage case is a little larger then I expected it to be. But a great size for baby to hold on to. It will not pop open unexpectedly when baby is playing with it. This was a nice gift idea and was very well received too. No more pacifiers being thrown on the floor. This is a great way to save them from picking up nasty germs. I like that it’s gender neutral too. It’s perfect for everyone. #boechloe

Richest Pacifier Clip Set of 3 for Boys and Girls, Soothie Holder, Binky Storage Case Included, Baby Shower Gift Ready

YourEcoFamily Certified Organic Cotton…

I personally have no clue how I can tell the difference between an organic cotton blanket versus a regular cotton blanket. But I do know that this is ultra soft. It is extremely well made and made to last. I think the box it arrived in was absolutely adorable. I wanted to get this for a friend who is expecting his first child. I put together a big basket with all sorts of goodies. I have to say this blanket got the biggest and best rave. It is a decent size too. That little bundle of joy looked so cute and comfortable in it. All wrapped up and snugly. I’d get this again if and when I have the opportunity. #YourEcoFamily