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BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp – World’s First…

You get what you pay for. If you are looking for a very well made high quality lamp, this one would be it. The base is the heaviest part of the lamp. Actually it’s very heavy, which is great. Since I have cats and they tend to climb. Since the base is heavy they won’t be able to knock this lamp over. I also love the rope cable. The rope helps protect the cord, keeps it from cracking or even being chewed through bu animals and helps prevent it from over heating. The lamp arm extends very tall and also folds down flat. The light its self stays cool to the touch. I’ve had it on for hours and it’s still cool. The top of the lamp, the blue part, did get a little warm. The silver loop is touch activated. So this in the on and off button so to speak. The light can get very bright, bright enough that it lights up my entire living room and din enough to have a nice low non harsh light. I keep this in my living room and it’s the only lamp I need. I have it plugged into an outlet that is turned on and off by a switch on the wall. So when I flip the switch it automatically turns the lamp on. It takes a few seconds but lights right up. It’s a nice modern and sleek design too. Very attractive lamp. #BenQ


The Nisha Art Magic 3D Vinyl Removable Wall…

Great way to add art to any wall without having to put holes in the wall. These stickers look amazing and so realistic. It’s very easy to apply and reapply. I suggest pulling off a small section of the back paper before putting it on the wall. then slowly peel the paper off as you smooth it on the wall. Once they are up on the wall and there’s no bubbles it looks great. These can actually be put in any room or even in a hallway.  #TheNisha3D



2PCS Hair Drain Clog Remover Drain Snake…

I love these tools. I’ve had one similar to the orange one for years. I lent it to a family member and never got it back. It is the best drain cleaner I have ever had. So much better then dumping chemicals down the drain. The orange one really grabs the hair that’s clumped down the drain and anything else that attaches to it. It can get pretty gross when cleaning but it is necessary to have. As for the claw, I really wish I had this a long time ago. So many time I’ve dropped things down the drain and couldn’t retrieve them. This claw is very helpful and handy. If you have problems with your hands it may be a little difficult to squeeze. #SCYAHairDrain

This is a small light but it’s very bright. I placed this in my sun room. Which is the back entrance to my house. I work 3rd shift and when I come home its dark out. Since I come in the back door this little light works out great for me. As soon as I walk in the house the motion sensor turns the light on. Now I don’t have to turn the light on when I come home. This provides the perfect amount of light and I can see very clearly. It has turned out to be a very useful item. It doesn’t come with batteries and so far the ones I’m using have lasted awhile. #smarssen


Bonus Package Panda Stainless Steel Deluxe…

This is very well made and not a cheap plastic product. A lot of thought has been put into constructing this mop system. I’ve seen so many other brands where the bucket looks flimsy, like it will just fall over. You get everything you need in this package, with the exception of the cleaning agents. There is some mild assembly, but it’s very easy and quick. The wheels popped right on, the handles twist in place and the drums fit right in. I really like that there’s a drain plug and it doesn’t leak. I actually used this not only on my floors but my walls too. It did a great job cleaning and drying, I didn’t have to wait for the floor to air dry. It wiped up all of the water. There is one hole where you can stick the mop handle when not in use. I wish there was a second hole so I could put the other mop in it. When the bucket is dry I can store all of the attachments inside it. My main con is I also wish the bucket handle was just a little longer. I am only 5’3″ and hand to bend over to use this handle and pull the bucket. I did try pulling the bucket with the mop inside it but it wouldn’t go in the direction I wanted. Other then that This is great. #PandaSpinMop65R

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I love everything about this hose nozzle. It offers a lot of really good water pressure. It has a nice strong powerful stream. The best part is the grip. It’s nice and thin so it’s for me to hold. I have small hands and the wider nozzles usually end up hurting my hand. Since it comes with two hose adapters it’s really easy to switch from one hose to another. It easily locks for continuous water flow too. Not to mention this is a beautiful and attractive blue color. #RY_GARDENER

BlazeVideo Wireless WiFi 720P IP Network…

Now a days with everything going on in this world it is so important to keep your home and family safe. Unfortunately we now have to monitor everything and sometime everyone, that enters our home (or even business). This comes with everything you need to get started with the exception of the microSd card, you need to purchase that. When this arrived I plugged it in to get it set up. Come to find out my power cord did not work. Just to make sure I plugged it into several different outlets. Thankfully I had another power cord on hand and used that. Once I switched cords the camera worked fine. I’m not really sure how I managed to get a faulty power cord because the box was marked that it had been inspected.I also notified the company and they stated the same.

I finally got it set up and working. I already had the app on my phone for a different camera I own. So you can add multiple cameras on the same app. The app itself I am not happy with and never have been. If I don’t log in at least once every 12 hours my password no longer works and then I have to uninstall and reinstall. It’s a real pain. Also the app works properly when it wants to. You can also access it from a computer. There is a website.

The camera itself has been working great. The picture and sound are excellent. The infrared turns on and off constantly depending on the amount of brightness in the room. The only thing with the infrared is that when it turns on it makes a loud clicking sound. Other then that it’s pretty quiet. The wifi signal seems pretty strong. I don’t have the camera set up anywhere near my router.

Having this in the house brings peace of mind that my family is safe. #camera

Apex Life Premium 4-Piece Long-Handled…

Great set at a good price. I’ve seen gardening sets for twice the price in the stores. This is nice and heavy duty, yet light weight. They are aluminum so I wouldn’t recommend digging in hard solid clay ground. That’s how I’ve broken so many other gardening tools. The pruning shears are not really that sharp and I did have to work it a bit to cut through thick branches. But It’s fine for light pruning. Since they are light weight they wont fatigue your hands. The handles are easy to grip and don’t slip.



Adhesive Hooks, Oak Leaf 6 PCS Heavy Duty Wood…

You can not even tell these have adhesive backs to them. First off they are very light weight even though they don’t look like they would be. The wood and stainless steel had virtually no weight to it. The only draw back to having and adhesive back, you only get one shot at getting it right. So when you got to stick these to your wall, make sure its exactly where you want it. Because if you try to remove it and re stick it elsewhere you will most likely not be as successful as the first time. It will loose it’s stickiness. These are also meant to really only hold light weight items. These worked well in the bathroom and in the kitchen. If you put them on top of wallpaper, plan to leave them there, because these will most likely tear the paper if not removed carefully. Overall I am very happy with them. It beats putting holes in the walls and having to screw in other brands of wall hooks.


Foldable Cube Storage Container – Set of 6…

These came in very handy and they were very useful. I used these in my daughters bedroom to get her a little more organized. I do wish they were just a tad bit bigger. But all in all they fit everything we needed to store. We used these for her t-shirts, shorts etc. I put them on a shelf that I purchased and they all fit nicely without taking up a lot of room. They color was perfect too. They unfold and they each come with a hard bottom insert that you place on the bottom to keep it open. I also like that it came in a pack of 6, I’ve purchased other brands and was only able to buy them individually. Also when they are all folded up they take up virtually no room when stacked on top of each other. Great space savers. The handles make it easy to pull out the cube you want to access. #BandCHomeGoods


4 Piece (Queen, White) Bed Sheet Set

I am in love with these sheets! Talk about ultra soft and comfortable. Wow!!! These are equivalent to an upscale 5 star  hotel quality. I’ve never had microfiber sheets before and I’m thinking I may never go back to what I’ve owned in the past. This is so comfortable and cozy. It feels so good jumping into bed, it’s almost like being wrapped up in a cloud! They offer several beautiful colors. I received the white, which is not exactly my favorite, I prefer darker colors. But since they are white it does make my feel like I’m on a little get away. A tranquil oasis. Yes sheets can actually transport you in that way. Especially since I’m not able to go on vacation in a fancy hotel. This can be my second best.#Mellanni