P&G Beauty VoxBox products

These are some of the amazing products I was lucky enough to try out for free;

Zzzquil this really helped me fall asleep without the groggy feeling. I fell asleep rather quickly too and didn’t have problems waking up in the morning. Which is something I’ve experienced with other sleep aides. I’ve tried Zzzquil in the capsule and liquid variety. Both work pretty much at the same speed. The liquid does have a less than pleasant taste. The capsules are nice and small. Do it’s great for anyone that has difficulty swallowing pills. I did receive the #ZzzQuil capsules for testing purposes!



I really like this moisturizer. I use it twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed. It is a thick cream and you only need a little to cover your face and neck. Trust ma little goes a long way! It goes on nicely. It doesn’t absorb super fast but it will if you massage it into your skin. Made my face feel so smooth and soft.


The color I received was a very bold and bright red. I always dye my hair some sort of red color and I most likely would have not chosen this particular shade if I were to purchase it. But in the name of reviewing I went ahead and dyed my hair for the P&G and Influenster. The color is almost what you see on the box. Which is rare. Because the color rarely comes out like the box picture or even the shade guide that’s on the back of the box. But VS was pretty much right on the mark.  You will “mix” up your hair color in a small dish and there’s actually four different components (including the conditioner). You mix two of the containers together in the bowl with the brush provided then follow the directions. I must say I felt like I could go out and professionally color anyone’s hair. That’s how confident I felt as I was mixing it up! Over all my hair felt really soft when it was all said and done. the color…well I’m not a 100&% sure how I feel just yet. I may need to sleep on it.


This body wash is fantastic. It doesn’t take a lot of product to really get a nice lather together. It has a mild fragrance. The body wash itself is a little thick, which is good so it’s not running of the body puff. I only used a little and was able to lather up my whole body. My skin felt really soft and smooth all over. I enjoyed bathing with it.


I’m not usually a big fan on Mousse. I can’t begin to tell you the last time I’ve used it. When I shook up the can and squeezed some in my hand I noticed it was a bit watery. The mousse I’m used to is more like a foam and tends to grow when it’s on the hand. This isn’t that foamy. One reason I don’t like mousse is because it weighs my hair down. I have fine had as it is. I don’t need any help making it look even more thin. I only used a little of the Herbal Essences conditioning mousse. Not knowing how I’d feel about it and I was in a hurry to go to work (so no time to wash it out if I had to). So I worked it into my hair and I’m happy to say it did not weigh my hair down. It actually made it nice and soft. So I was very pleased by that. This isn’t something I’d use every day. But I have it on hand if I need it.

  • Head & Shoulders Instant Relief Scalp Soother


I’ve always loved Head & Shoulders shampoo. Now I know it’s for scalp relief but it’s great for anytime use too. It really does make your hair feel nice and soft and more manageable. Not to mention the fact that the formula really does work as far as relieving any itchiness. This has a nice pleasant odor. Nothing to overwhelming. It’s an all around great product to keep in the shower.


Thank you P&G and Influenster for giving me this opportunity to try out some fabulous products!

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