Kitchen Products I’ve recently had the opportunity to test

Sunsella Silicone Egg & Pancake Rings Coming Soon!



Native Spring Food Chopper

The easiest Cardio workout! Well it feels like one anywayThis is a pretty good size chopper. It’s a little larger then other brands I’ve seen. It’s stainless steel and plastic. The blades are very sharp but housed behind a removable plastic plate. It’s easy to take a part for cleaning but, there are very few pieces to put back together, which is important. You rapidly push down the hopper to do the chopping. The more you push it down the finer the chopping will be. It was very fast and a lot better then trying to use a regular knife. I feel it did a great job. Now let’s get cooking.


I’m all about trying new ways to make delicious coffee. I’m loving this Moka pot…first time users need to read the instructions. There’s a lot of parts but it’s so easy to clean. Once you know how to use it, it’s also very easy to use. Since it 6 cups this will be my weekend warrior! It also has 3 colorful interchangeable handles to fit your mood or decore. The best part is this can be used on a variety of stove tops whether you have gas, electric or ceramic. This reminds me of old fashion coffee brewing. When we live in a world of instant gratification, including fast brew coffee. It’s nice to slow down and take your time to make the perfect cup of espresso coffee.  Obviously the taste of your coffee depends on the variety of coffee you use. Personally for me if I’m going to take the time to use this kind of maker, then I’m going to ground my own beans. It makes all the difference in the world.

#Minos #EspressoMaker
#MokaPot #StainlessSteel

Lit Coffee Dark Roast Organic Fair Trade Single

Talk about an aromatic coffee! I could smell the amazing aroma through the shipping box before I even opened it. It smells incredible. I am terrible when it comes to grinding my own coffee beans. I have a hand held crank so maybe that has something to do with it. Half the time I can’t seem to grind it up to the right consistency. I like using my Keurig but I’ll also use a French Press. At first I ground these beans up a little to large and I wasn’t able to experience the full body of coffee. It was a little on the weak side for my taste. But that was my fault. After a few more tries I got it just right. The beans themselves have a mild shine and not oily. After I finally made the perfect cup of coffee I must say i enjoyed the flavor. It was more mild then I would prefer but still, I like it. There was no bitter after taste. It was nice and smooth and didn’t upset my stomach it wasn’t acidic either. It also comes with a “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”. You can’t go wrong with that. #GetLitCoffee

TeChef – 5.5-Inch One Egg Frying Pan, Coated with New Teflon Select / Non-Stick Coating (PFOA Free) / (Aubergine Purple) – Colour Collection (5.5-Inch)

I absolutely love the color. The pan is thick and not thin or flimsy. It is exactly as what is shown in the pictures. The size is just to darn cute. I’ve never owned a egg frying pan before, but of course it can be used for other foods, not just eggs. Do not use metal utensils inside this pan so the Teflon last longer. It has a smooth cooking surface and is truly non stick. I didn’t use any cooking spray and the food didn’t stick. It was good size to make one grilled cheese sandwich. The cheese wiped away very easily. The pan itself is not heavy but very sturdy. I wish I had a whole complete set.


EurKitchen Professional-Grade Culinary Torch -…

Ok so I’m not exactly a professional cook, not even almost. But using kitchen gadgets like this certainly make me feel like one. I’ve always wanted to use a culinary torch but was a little intimidated. This is really easy to use once you get past being scared of setting everything on fire. This isn’t something I’ll use all the time but will bring out on special occasions. With that being said the butane should last me quite awhile. I had a recipe for fried ice cream and thought I would use the torch for that. I must say I was pretty proud of my self. I also decided to try it out on a flaming drink. It looked very impressive. Sadly no one was around to see it. So now I’ve become a semi professional thanks to my culinary torch.


Ceramic Knife Set black white – Passion Gusto CATANA Series – 4 Premium Kitchen Knives

This would be an amazing gift to give to someone, if you were able to give them up. These knives are so beautiful. It comes in a very attractive box too. Be careful because these are sharp. They are not heavy so repetitive use
will not cause your hands to fatigue. The one thing I’m not thrilled about is the knife does not extend into the handle it is simple attached to the handle. So hopefully over time this will not be an issue. I’ve had other brands with a similar design and the handle would end up cracking making the knife useless. So only time will tell. They do offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, but that offer is only goof for 14 days.#passiongusto

Definitely Not Wine Funny CoffeeMug

So simple yet so cute. The mug itself is just an average size white ceramic mug. But its the saying that makes me laugh. I like to use this mug for my morning coffee. It adds a little whimsical humor to my otherwise hectic mornings. I wish I could use it at work but I don’t think it would go over to well since I work in a school. This is also a great gift idea. Its definitely something different. Unlike other mugs with cute sayings on one side. This mug has the saying on both sides. Which makes it great for right and left handed people. Finally a company who thinks of everyone. #fathersday


This is the first time I’ve ever used a meat grinder. I was thoroughly impressed with it the moment I took it out of the box. It comes with a bunch of attachments. My only issue with that is I wish it also came with a custom storage container too. With all of these attachments I need to figure where I’m going to put them so I don’t lose anything. That is my one and only complaint. I thought the machine was very well made, heavy duty, top of the line restaurant quality. Before I used it to ground sirloin, I washed all of the pieces. I reassembled everything back together and I was ready to go. However, I mistakenly put the blade on facing the wrong way. I realized my mistake once I began grinding. It was an easy fix. I love that this it literally just one button. There’s no dials or settings. You turn it on and its ready to go. I didn’t have to wait. There is also a reverse button just in case of a jam. It grinded up the meat fast and evenly.
Since this was the first time I’ve experienced freshly ground up meat, I couldn’t believe the difference from the stuff I would get at the grocery store. The quality in the taste and texture was a big improvement. I never want to go back to store bought ground meat again. Clean up took virtually no time at all. The unit is so easy to take apart and put back together. I never had to look at the directions. I have not tried the sausage feature yet. I need to build up to that one. But I am perfectly happy using them for ground meat. I also like that its not large, it can stay on the counter without taking up a lot of room. A couple of friends found out I have this and are already making plans to borrow it. #meatgrinde

Premium Tea Gift Box Set – Rare Assortment Of Premium Teas – Delicious Rare Green, Oolong, And Red Loose Leaf Teas In Pre-Portioned Sealed Pouches (17 + Tumbler) (Grocery)

Let me start by saying I was a bit concerned when I realized the tumbler was made of glass. I usually have plastic or stainless steel tumblers and they get banged around pretty often. So when I found out this was glass I wasn’t sure how durable that would be. It is double walled and very sturdy. The tumbler does sweat if used with a cold beverage. The filter on top of the lid does not pop out when you are drinking and the wrist strap certainly came in handy. the tumbler itself is very attractive and well made.

I really enjoyed the tea. Each pack of the loose leaves smell and taste fantastic. I’ve had all of these flavors of teas before, but not like this. I could definitely taste the difference in this high quality compared to the other brands I’ve had in the past. There’s a huge difference. I also brewed this tea with filtered water not tap. Which I find makes a difference. #Tumbler

This is the most amazing faucet I now own. My home is over 40 years old and I am very slowly trying to make improvements, updated improvements. The faucet is very heavy duty and made well. I was very impressed with the craftsmanship. It was extremely easy to install and took next to no time at all. I think I struggled more removing my old faucet. The biggest issue I did run into was the directions that came with it. Unfortunately, I can not read Chinese and there was no English directions. So I had to wing it. But thankfully I had no issues setting it up. Once I did I tested out all of the features. From the water fountain to the amazing water pressure. I added Teflon tape and had no issues with leaking. The faucet is tall so if you have a cabinet or shelf above your sink make sure you have enough room for this. It’s absolutely beautiful, now I have to do the rest of my kitchen. #faucet

I love watermelon, I hate cutting it. I find it to be messy and just to much work. I’ve seen these slicers before and thought I’d give it a try. Once you get the technique down it works great. It is so easy to slice through all sizes of watermelons and even easier to lift the slice out. However, with that said this is very sharp and should not be used by children. Please be careful. One thing I wish I could change or make different is width adjustment. It would be nice to be able to change the width to a different thickness. #slicers

I’ve owned other French Press’s, plastic, metal and stainless steel. This one is just so attractive I like keeping it out on the counter. It is glass so I am always concerned I’ll crack it or break it at some point. But so far I haven’t done that. It is very sturdy and heavy duty and it does a great job making the perfect pot of coffee. Since it is glass and not insulated the outside can be extremely hot to the touch and it doesn’t stay hot for that long. This is what I use on the weekend just for myself. Since it doesn’t stay hot I’ll just pour the coffee and toss it in the microwave, no biggie. I really like that it holds the coffee granules in place. I don’t get any floaters when i pour my cup of coffee. #chefslimited

Premium Soda Can Lids – Made in the USA – 8 pack (Assorted)

I used them on standard size soda cans. They snapped in place and it takes a little effort to pop them back off but that’s OK. I’d rather it be snug then come off to easily. I tested it out on full cans of soda to see if it’s leak proof. I tipped the can on its side, held it upside don and even shook it around a bit. No drips, no leaks nothing. I use this for different reasons. I only drink soda once in awhile and rarely finish a can in one setting. Which means it won’t last long because I put it back in the fridge. With these lids that open can of soda lasted two days and still wasn’t flat. The lids are also great for outdoor use. I no longer have to worry about insects being attracted to the sweetness of the beverage. I have the multi color lids so everyone gets to pick their favorite color and it’s easier to identify which can belongs to who. #soda

French Press – Insulated Stainless Steel Carafe

This has quickly become my favorite way to make a special pot of coffee. This is my weekender coffee maker. I am beyond impressed with how well it is made but also how easy it is to use. I’ve used other french press coffee makers, the plastic and glass ones. This is my first carafe. I heat up 4 cups of water, actually just slightly under 4 cups. I followed their directions on the amount of coffee to add. Pour the water heat and let it sit for about 3-4 min before I pour my first cup. This is why I use it for the weekends. I don’t have the time to put this much time into making coffee during the work week. It literally keeps the coffee hot for at least an hour. I’m talking hot with steam still coming off it an hour later. That alone is impressive. I use a quality coffee so the longer it sits the better it gets. Yes even after sitting an hour the taste was fantastic. It’s also very easy to clean. Rinsing out did the job just fine. I absolutely love this coffee press and will never use any other type. #LakeHouse

This bag sealer worked great for me. I had a similar one years ago. It would get so hot that it would burn through the bag and never really sealed properly. So my expectations were not verModfamily Mini Plastic Bag Heat Sealer, Reseals Mylar and Cereal Bags for Airtight Seal and Food Sealer (White)y high with this one. It does not come with batteries so I had to find 2 AA batteries. It took a little while to heat up until I got the hang of it. If you are impatient and expect it to be hot and ready right off the bat, you will be disappointed. I tested it out on a foil bag and I doubled it over too. It sealed the bag perfectly. It didn’t burn through at all. It was such a fine seal that I couldn’t even see it at first until I attempted to open the bag back up. this sealer is much better then the one I had years ago. I like that it has a magnet on the back. I stuck it to the side of my refrigerator and this way it doesn’t get lost in the junk drawer. #Reliaseal

Best Teacher Ever Glass Coffee Mug 13 oz – Birthday / Appreciation / Retirement Gifts For Classroom – Thank You Gift Basket For Math, English, Drama, Band, Preschool, Middle, or High School Instructor
This was a great teachers gift. The mug is a thick heavy duty glass and a nice size too, 13 oz is  not to big or to small. I filled it with a variety of tea bags and wrapped it up for my daughter to give to her favorite teacher. Her teacher aBest Teacher Ever Glass Coffee Mug 13 oz - Birthday / Appreciation / Retirement Gifts For Classroom - Thank You Gift Basket For Math, English, Drama, Band, Preschool, Middle, or High School Instructorbsolutely loved it. The lettering is not that cheap decal that will rub off or wash off in the dishwasher, it will last. The one little special touch added that I didn’t realize until it arrived was the small apple. It looks like a period next to the word “EVER”, it is not. I thought the apple was adorable a nice addition. I am very pleased with this gift choice. #TeacherGifts

Best White Wine Glass Pair by Bella Vino – Beautifully Designed Short Stem Wine Glasses – Made from 100% Lead Free Premium Crystal Glass

These wine glasses are absolutely beautiful and very elegant. The company starts these are “short stem”, to me they feel like a long stem. I am by no means an expert in this area. I just enjoy my wine. But I do have wine glasses with shorter stems. These are beautifully crafted, crystal glasses. They are very thin and light weight. I also love the design and the curvature of the bowl. Which also has a slight ripple effect. I know this is supposed to be used for “white wine”, but for me I’ll put any type of wine in them. #DrinkBellaVino

 NordicNordic – Hand Picked Chaga Mushroom Tea, Product of Finland (Cinnamon) (Misc.)

I’m an avid tea and coffee drinker. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Chaga tea. I had to do a little research to understand what I was drinking. I always thought yes was made of jusNordicNordic - Hand Picked Chaga Mushroom Tea, Product of Finland (Cinnamon)t tea leaves and maybe a little fruit. But this is certainly the most unusual tea I’ve ever consumed. When you here mushroom you think that flavor wil be over powering, it is not. It is actually very mild as was the cinnamon. This Was a very pleasant tasting tea. I drank it sweetened and unsweetened. When I sweetened it I added just a little bit of honey. I prefer not to add to many ingredients because I feel it alters the true taste of the tea. But this can be enjoyed anyway, anytime of the day. #NordicNordic

Premium Vegetable Spiralizer Bundle – Best Spiral Slicer with Ceramic Peeler & Recipe Ebook – Zucchini Pasta Spaghetti Maker
Such a fun little gadget to have on hand and nice bundle. The spiralizer is really easy to use my teenage daughter even enjoyed using. It does a really nice job slicing the veggies up. The blades are really sharp and it cut into the vegetables effortlessly. The storage bag is a nice addition since it makes it easier to store in one place and all the pieces don’t get lost or mixed up in a drawer somewhere. I really like the wired brush because it made clean up so much easier, it really gets into the crevices and the hard to reach areas. The peeler is a bit wider then other brands I’ve had which is great because it covered more area on things like potatoes. This blade is also sharp and peeled with ease. I didn’t have to keep going over the same area multiple times to get the job done. I was able to peel much faster. The only thing I didn’t like is that I think the storage bag needs to be slightly bigger. I wanted to keep everything together and had a yard time putting it all in the bag and closing up the drawstring top. That’s my only complaint. If I didn’t want to put the peeler in the bag too then yes it would close up all the way. It’s a great size too not to big yet not to small so it can be store away without taking up to much room. I’m really glad I have this. #michiyoschoicespiralizer

Inspired Basics Solid Moscow Mule Copper Mug Hammered Type Moscow Mule Mug 16 Oz with No Lining

This mug has quickly become my favorite in the house. I love the way it looks and feels. Not tInspired Basics Solid Moscow Mule Copper Mug Hammered Type Moscow Mule Mug 16 Oz with No Liningo mention it is absolutely beautiful! The hammered texture adds a touch of class. Unfortuately, it cant be placed in the dishwasher but thats ok. There is no liner so I wouldnt recommend putting a hot beverage in it. The copper even keeps the drink colder longer. The mug itself is very light weight but solid and sturdy. This is one item you want to display and not hide in the cabinet. #coppermug

Professional SST Cocktail Shaker SET Bundle w/ Jigger and Recipes / Bartender Tool / Martini Bar Kit

This is the first cocktail shaker I’ve owned. I always wanted to learn how to mix up drinks and take a bartending course. This certainly provides you with all the tools you need to mix up great drinks. Or at least feel like you’reProfessional SST Cocktail Shaker SET Bundle w/ Jigger and Recipes / Bartender Tool / Martini Bar Kit a professional when you’re attempting to mix up great drinks. The shaker is very nice it looks classy enough to leave out on display and not hide in the cabinet. I love the etching design that’s on it too. It comes with an easy to follow guide and even a few recipes right on the box for drinks that sound fancy but really aren’t! Such as “Kamikaze” and “Cosmopolitan”. The illustrated guide book inside the box is great, because it even shows the proper glass and garnish to use. It even offers alternative drinks, non-alcoholic beverages. I think I’ll definitely impress a few friends when I bring this out during parties. #mixologistworld

Vietnamese Coffee Filter Set.  Also known as a Vietnamese Coffee Maker or Press 8oz My filter arrived super fast in the mail. I absolutely love Vietnamese coffee and I was thrilled that I actually get to make it at home now. This coffee filter is perfectly crafted and Vietnamese Coffee Filter Set. Also known as a Vietnamese Coffee Maker or Press 8ozvery easy to use. This is the first time I was actually able to make my Vietnamese coffee at home and I did it with no issues. As soon as friends found out I had these they wanted to come over for a cup of coffee! I made a perfect cup of coffee and couldn’t be happier. Clean up was easy too. This is also a fantastic company that is very customer oriented. They offer a high quality product that’s made to last. The company even sent me and email with instructions on how to make the perfect cup of coffee. I LOVE it!! #VietnameseCoffeeFilter

Sagler infusion pitcher

80 OZ with Ice Core Rod Infuser Creates Water with Natural Fruit Flavor I’ve had other pitchers that felt cheap and not made to last. This is a really nice acrylic, sturdy pitcher. The core is the right size to add just about anything you desire. Whether it’s ice cubes, fruits, veggies etc. It’s also easy to take apart and clean. It’s also a nice and simple, but classy design. Looks pretty just sitting on the table. I made fruit infused water. The core held together the fruit and I didn’t have little pieces floating in the water. Which is something I’ve had happen often with other water infusers. Not that it’s a big issue, but sometimes I’d just rather have water with the fruit taste only. #pitcher

Elegant Dual Salt & Pepper Grinder – 2 in 1 Pepper & Salt Mill Stainless Steel with Acrylic Casing
I’ve used grinders before and never really cared much for them. Sometimes they’d stick or never really did a good job grinding up the pepper. However, I’ve never used a dual grinder. First off this is really classy design. Something you’d want to display on the counter top or table and not hide in the cabinet. It’s very easy to fill up too. There a little window on top that slides to open up the salt or pepper compartment. Pour in your seasoning and slide it close. Yep, that’s pretty easy. On the bottom you can adjust the coarseness for both sides. I like to use sea salt but I find the granules to be to large. I really like the way I was able to adjust it to the way I like it, fine granules. I also like that it has the chrome look to it, it fits in perfectly with my kitchen. #doublemill

 USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder I absolutely love Matcha. There are so many wonderful benefits to consuming green tea daily. I love that this product is a 100% organic too. When you open the bag you’ll notice the wonderful green tea aroma. I’ve had match before from other companies that al100% USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Extract - Fat Burner & Weight Loss Diet Supplement & Metabolism Booster - Natural Detox All Day Energy & Mental Focus - Latte, Smoothie, Shake & Baking Mix - Vegan Superfood - Coffee Substitute - Improved Hair & Skin Health (4oz) LEAD FREEmost had a seaweed like smell to it. This particular brand does not. The smell is very pleasant and so is the taste. I add someone to my water in the morning and drink it during the day. i also make a nice cup of hot matcha, I’ve yet to cook with it. When it arrives it is sealed air tight, which keeps in the freshness. I think every one should incorporate Matcha into their daily diet.#matcha

Thanks to BZZagent I was chosen to do a product mission. I was able to tast, Tropicana Vitamin C & Zinc. It helps support a healthy immune system with three times the Vitamin C of regular OJ. It doesn’t have pulp (I usually prefer pulp). But it was actually pretty tasty. I enjoyed drinking this OJ. It wasn’t bitter at all. This isn’t the brand I typically buy. But I think after sampling it I may add it to my shopping list. Definetly a thumbs up!

Regal Appeal Stainless Steel Tea Infuser 4-Pack This is a good deal for a set of four tea infusers. When they arrived I immediately made a cup of tea. The finer tea leaves floated out of the infuser into the water. This is definitely better for larger tea leaves. I also had a difficult time getting the tea ball open. Since there were no instructions included in the box, I had to kind of play with it awhile before I got the hang of it. I was getting a little frustrating. I wasn’t sure if it was the type that pulled apart or unscrewed. Long story short it unscrews, although I had a difficult time getting that to work for me. If you are someone that has trouble using your hands, you might want to take that into consideration. It is not easy to open. Which can be good and bad, this way you know it won’t pop open when you are making a cup of tea. Getting it to screw back together was a different adventure all together. They are also a bit large, about the size of a golf ball. All in all its a good deal for the price.

Bakerolla Silicone Ice Cube Tray Mold Wow these are huge..I love it!!! Very stylish too shiny anBakerolla Silicone Ice Cube Tray Mold - Made of High-quality Silicone - Makes Perfectly-shaped 2 Inches Ice Cubes - 2 Pack - Blackd matte black. You get 2 trays that make 6 ice cubes per tray. Each ice cube block holds a 1/2 cup of liquid!! The silicone is nice and light weight and the ice pops out so easily. These would be great to make Popsicles, individual jello molds, or anything else you can think of. The possibilities are endless. So many more used than an average ice cube tray. Even though the cubes are large this really isn’t that bulky where it’ll take up a lot of room in the freezer or fridge.

Espresso Whole Bean Coffee, USDA Organic as well as Fair Trade Certified from Burnie’s Beans I don’t typically ground my own coffee beans but not I might start. I only wish I could share the experience of the amazing aroma that came from these beans when I opened the bag. Since this is the first time I ground coffee beans at home it was trial and error for me. I use a Kuerig and realize coffee beans need to be grounded up much finer. However, once I got that down packed I was pleasantly surprised with how amazing this coffee really is. There is no after taste or bitterness. It’s a nice smooth enjoyable coffee. I highly recommend this to any coffee lover. I’m definitely hooked!


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