Out of the Norm.

Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer lamp indoor outdoor

This is super quiet, no humming sound when turned on! This is smaller then most of the zapper lamps I’ve seen but don’t let the size full you. It does what it’s supposed to do and does it well too. This was great to take on a camping trip. Since it didn’t take up much room and it’s really light weight too. It’s also nice to take out in the backyard. The lamp itself is pretty bright and does a great job attracting those flying pests. It’s also easy to clean. The bottom unscrews if you need to gain access to the inside of the lamp.

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Get Ordained

For me having the opportunity to become an Ordained Priestess truly meant a lot. What a spiritual and uplifting feeling! I loved seeing my name added to the registry as well. To register it is very simple. Please visit their website and follow the directions. These are wonderful, welcoming people. Aside from becoming an Ordained Priest/ess of Love there are other areas within the temple to explore such as;

“The Reiki Temple attunes, trains, and certifies Reiki Masters, Feng Shui Masters, Meditation Masters, Hypnosis Masters, and ordains Priests & Priestesses. ”


Live Infinitely Double Camping Hammock

By far the lightest most compact hammock I’ve seen. It folds up neatly into it’s own attached drawstring bag. The only thing that doesn’t fit in the hammock bag are the straps. But the straps do have their own drawstring bag. Whether you’re going for a hike, camping trip or just in your backyard. This is a quick and easy  unpack and set up. I mean literally within seconds it’s ready to go. It also comes with instructions to help you set up the straps properly. It’s very sturdy and well made too. At first it doesn’t seem as though it would be, because the material is very thin and light. But once taken out of the pouch and handled that’ll change your mind. They do not recommend exceed the 400lb weight limit. It’s easy to roll up and pack away when you’re done. Since the pouch is attached to it, this makes a nice sized pocket to hold your essentials. This can even be machine washed (no dryer! just hang dry)  There’s several colors to choose from, I picked the purple and black.


Starry Laser Lights Projection Christmas…
I absolutely love this light. It was so easy to set up and so much fun to use. I love that it has a remote control so I can operate from inside the house and not have to go out in the dark to change or adjust the settings. The entire light it a heavy duty metal, including the ground stake. Usually the stakes are made of plastic and eventually break. This one will last a very long time since it is metal. At first I attached the plug the wrong way and of course it didn’t work but once I realized my mistake it worked perfectly. I couldn’t be more pleased with it. Since the colors are blue and green it can be used for so much more then just Christmas. I plan on using it for a New Years Eve party, and a birthday party coming up in addition to Christmas. I also like that you can set the timer through the remote and adjust the brightness along with the settings and speed. There is just so much you can do with this little light. I might just leave it outside all year long.

HeyMate Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight 8…
I have been wanting one of these for awhile now. i couldn’t be more happier with it. It easily adjusts to the bowl size and can basically be placed anywhere. I played around with it a bit to figure out where exactly I wanted to put it. Because if the way my toilet is placed in my bathroom, you don’t immediately see it when you are at the door. I had it to the one side and my cat kept setting it off. I put it to the front which was fine but still had the same issue. I then put it slightly to the other side and that seems to work for me better. The motion sensor is very sensitive and will turn on with the slightest movement. You can set it to just one color or let it go through the rainbow of colors. I prefer all of the colors. It automatically turns off within two minutes. This turns on whether it’s dark or not. I’ve been using it over almost two weeks now and it turns on more then off because we are in and out of the bathroom constantly, plus the cat. So far it hasn’t drained my batteries yet and i used cheap ones. That makes me even happier. But this great for the night time so the light doesn’t have to be turned on. it offers the right amount of brightness without being blinding.#toiletlight

BNFUSA SPSCKIT Multi-Purpose Swing Chair Hanging Set
I am so happy I was able to get this. It’s exactly what I needed. i have a hanging swing chair that I haven’t been able to properly hang because i haven’t had the time to get to the hardware store and pick out all of the pieces I need. But this kit was perfect. It has everything all in one box. The pieces are all well made and heavy duty. The chain is very sturdy and I don’t have to worry about the links separating or snapping. It’s extremely easy to install. I really like that the chain is long enough so the length can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. Although it doesn’t say, I am hoping this is galvanized or has some other form of rust resistant. #clubfun


This entire set is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t say one bad thing about it. I am still learning about how to use the bowl properly. The sound is so beautiful I almost don’t mind not knowing how to do it the right way. The designs and carvings on the bowl are do beautifully done. I wish I had a better understanding of the meaning of those carvings. I have this sitting in the center of my coffee table. It sits on top of the little pillow along with the mallet. This is definitely a conversation starter. I love the fabric that was used for the drawstring bad and the pillow. #promotion


Quality Rosewood Hand Carved Cremation Urn by…

I received the extra small Urn. At 5″ x 3″ x 2″, this is pretty small. But it doesn’t take up a lot of room either. It’s made of a beautiful Rosewood and I thought the hand carving was exceptional and done with great care. The box arrived in perfect condition, no dents, scratches or chips in the wood. The only draw back I noticed was the actual part that was carved does not have a nice finish on it as you see in the pictures on the product page.
The bottom piece slides out and is actually a very thin piece of wood and not that attractive. But you don’t see that since it is on the bottom. Since this box is extra small, I will just use it more as a keepsake box then an Urn. I originally wanted it to replace an old metal urn box that I have. Which is holding ashes. But this box is more than half that size and unfortunately it will not work for me. I would at least need the medium size Urn. Regardless, it’s very attractive overall  and would match any home decor whether you decide to display it on a shelf or store it in a closet.