PowerLead Gypo UC40 Pro Mini Portable

PowerLead Gypo UC40 Pro Mini Portable LCD LED…

Wow projectors sure have some a long way. Gone are the days where a projector is big and bulky and way to expensive for regular households to own. First I’ll mention the size. They were right when they said mini. It’s about the size of a tissue box. I set it up on top of a small fold able table.  It’s stores away with taking up virtually no room at all. Which is great for anyone that has limited amount of space.

I decided to use it with my lap top and I used an HDMI cable. It was so easy to set up and figure out. I never even looked at the manual. I projected the picture onto a white wall. I couldn’t get over the picture quality this little guy offered. Crisp clear pictures with vivid colors, I never had to make any adjustments. The manual focus was the only feature I actually had to use to make any adjustments. The volume and sound was also really good. There was no crackling or static, the sound was nice an clear. This can get pretty loud too.

The remote worked great too. Just remember to use it pointing at the back of the unit, since that is where the sensor is. If you don’t want to use the remote then there’s the controls on top which work just as well. There is a small adjustable foot on the bottom so you can raise of lower the unit. You can also tilt the picture if you want.

Movie night has been taken to a whole new level. This is how my family and I will always watch movies. It was something different and really enjoyable.