PowerLead PLSW-DM360 Smart Watch

PowerLead PLSW-DM360 Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Mini Dialer Finger Gestures Voice Control Wrist Watch for IOS Apple iPhone and Android Smartphone(Black)

PowerLead PLSW-DM360 Waterproof Bluetooth…

I am absolutely in LOVE with this watch. It is perfect for men or women and looks great. I have gotten so much attention wearing this and when I do I can’t help but show all the cool features. The next questions is always “where did you get it?” It was super easy to sync with my phone and I had no issues finding the app to download. You have the choice to use this for an Android or IOS. I am using it with an iPhone 5, since it works with my phone I’m sure it’ll work with virtually any phone. I am not up to date on technology and I’m not the type of person that has to have the newest and latest thing on the market. As I said I have an iPhone 5.

This arrived in a beautiful storage box. It felt like it was wood but I’m not a hundred percent sure. Regardless it was nice. The watch itself is beautifully crafted. As soon as it arrive I immediately inspected it. The directions that came along with it are not the greatest and I pretty much just figured out how to use all the features on my own. It was already charged and ready to go. Speaking of charging. The charger that it comes with is magnetized! There’s only one way it’ll fit on the back of the watch and the magnet is not that strong. Therefore, the charger gets knocked off very easily. Also the cord doesn’t seem like it would last very long. I will have to do a little research and see where a replacement charger can be found. Since this one is specially designed I’m hoping it’s not going to be difficult to replace. A full charge lasts about 3-4 days.

There are several choices for the clock face. I had a difficult time deciding which one I wanted. But I can change them daily if I choose. I love that it tracks my steps too. However, you have to start it each day. There were days I forgot to do that and I missed out on counting my steps. I really love that I can set it to alert me if I’ve been sitting to long. I can choose any length of time too. I picked the 30 minute setting.

I was able to decline and accept incoming phone calls and the sound was crystal clear. I had to turn off my notifications because it seemed like that was endless. You can literally do everything with this watch.

The band is a faux leather which I have to honestly say will not last long. After one week it was starting to crack and show wear marks in all of the adjustment hols. Hopefully it’ll be easy to replace the band when the time comes. You can access siri, your contacts, music and so much more.

As for the size I have very thin wrists and I wear this on the second or third hole. A male friend, who is very large was unable to put it on his wrist. But his wife loved it and wanted one. The touch screen is very sensitive. It would scroll through each page quickly when I didn’t want to. But I realized I could just twist my wrist and that would automatically move it to the next screen, without touching it. Every time I wear it I discover something new. This is by far the best watch I’ve ever had.