Spoiled cats

I have fairly large cats so I was a bit concerned with how well this would hold them. Or if they would even be able to get into it. Since this is marked for cats or ferrets. I’ve had ferrets before too and their hammocks were actually smaller than this. I’m glad I looked past that and for it. Because it was plenty big for my guys. Obviously it can really only support one at a time and that’s fine, because they are all spoiled anyway. It was really easy to attach and also nice and soft for them. My one cat took ownership of it right away. My cats are all black so this will not stay white for very long. It is easy to was, I snap all four clips together before I toss it in the wash. This way they are not banging up or getting wrapped my machine. It’s very well made too. The straps are stitched on nice and tight. If the cats are happy then I’m happy. #whoyoukitten

With four cats in the house the litter box is an area I’m always looking for help. I’ve been using a layer of baking soda under the litter. Which does help some with absorption and odor. But not completely. I decided to give this a try. I just sprinkles some in the clean litter and mixed it a bit. The cats do not notice it’s there and it doesn’t deter them from using the box. Since this is a small bag I wanted to try a little at a time and get a feel for how much I needed to use. I don’t want to waste it. Surprisingly a little goes a long way. This bag is a month supply. But I imagine that is if you have one or two cats. Obviously with four its not going to last me that long since I have more then one litter box and I clean a lot more often. But so far it does seem to help control the odor and also help with the absorption. So overall I am pleased with it. I would just prefer a bigger bag. #Litterbiotic