Subscription Boxes


I will be reviewing several subscription boxes that you can find online. This is the newest craze and I love getting boxes in the mail with treasures inside. A majority of the subscription boxes I’ve listed below automatically renew your subscription unless you cancel it beforehand. There is usually no issue to cancel your subscription and there’s always a link somewhere on the companies website to do so. Also, do your research first. Sometimes you can find coupons or discount online and ALWAYS look on Ebates first before you shop online. This way you get a little cash back!

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Here’s what I’ve tried so far

  • Target Beauty box
  • Walmart beauty box
  • Japan Crate
  • Anime Bento
  • Kawaii Box
  • Pet Gift Box
  • Simple Loose Leaf
  • Urthbox
  • Bestowed/Conscious Box
  • Bulu Box
  • Allure Beauty Box

…and others

Target Beauty Box for men and women

These are seasonal subscription boxes. You pay per box “if” you are lucky enough to snag one. So it’s not a recurring charge. They are only offered for a short period with a limited amount of boxes. Once they are sold out that’s it…they are GONE! Depending on the season the cost of the boxes have ranged from $5.00-$10.00 both for mTarget February Beauty Box ($35 Value)en and women. I purchased the Christmas time boxes. The one for men cost me $5 and the one for women cost me $10. These are great gifts too, buy several if you are able too. Keep one for yourself and then hand the other out as a present….which I did! Even the box they come in is classy. There are full size products as well as samples. Unfortunately, there are very little “heads up” when the boxes are available. You either have to keep checking or hope you see someone else post about it. But if you are one of the lucky ones to get to take advantage of this deal it is well worth it! The value of each box far exceeds the amount paid, it averages around a $35 dollar value. There was no charge for shipping. Good Luck!  #target #beautybox


Walmart  Beauty Box

This is a seasonal subscription box that you can sign up for. For only $5.00 it’s a great deal! Since you get to sign up for this one Walmart will contact you first to make sure you want to receive their upcoming box. If you do not opt out of the box they will automatically charge you the $5.00 and ship the box out to you. These are typically sample or travel size products. Which is a great way to try out new products before buying and possibly wasting your money on full size products that you may not like. There was no charge for shipping. You are getting all name brands that can be found in their store. It’s worth signing up for! At least with this one you know you won’t miss out like with Target. #Walmart #walmartbeauty

You can also get a quarterly Walmart Baby Box I don’t have a baby so I can’t comment on if the box is any good or not. But for $5.00 a box and free shipping that’s a pretty good deal. You should receive samples and coupons. You can choose from 3 different boxes “Expecting”, Newborn/infant”, and “Toddler”. Pick for a boy or girl or even “unsure”. #walmartbaby



Japan Crate “Experience the Excitement of Japan. Every Month Through Fun Candy & Snacks”

In this subscription ox you’ll have the opportunity to try all sorts of Japanese treats. Since I do not speak nor read the language I had no idea what I was eating! If you are like me some things are easily identified but others not so much. In every box you will also receive an original manga, DIY kit and there is always some type of beverage too. In the premium box there’s always a bonus item. You might have hidden in your box a key chain, figure, toy etc. you never know. I purchased the premium box, since this was a gift for my daughter I wanted her to have the full experience. The prices range from; $12 for a mini only 4-6 items which is basically just snacks. There’s the original box for $25  which offers 8-10 items including the DIY. And the premium box for $30 which includes 12-14 items, a drink, DIY, and bonus. Sometimes you can get a $3 coupon too and shipping is free. I really liked receiving this box. It is jam packed with all kinds of tasty goodies. #japancrate #japanesetreats

Japan Crate has done it again!! They are now offereing a variety of other amazing subscription boxes. Such as UMAI which offers a nice selection of NOODLES!!!! YUM. This one I didn’t order yet but I did get their Doki Doki and Kira Kira box….and I LOVED THEM!

In the Doki Doki box you receive about 5-7 different adorable authentic Asian gifts. Starting at $30 for one month or $27.50 per month if you purchase it for the year. In each box there’s a bunch of cute and useful items. Each box will also come with something you can wear. Such as sunglasses, t shirt, and I got cute finger less gloves that look like cat paws! Notebooks, pens, plushies, kawaii over load OH MY!! Each box also includes a Japan crate original manga. #dokidoki #kawaii free shipping the US


The Kira Kira has only been around for a short amount of time about two or three months at the time I’ve written this. This box is the ULTIMATE!!! You will receive 6-8 Full-Size Beauty Items from Japan, Korea, & China. I love getting to try new beauty products, especially from other countries. Asian women have such beautiful, timeless and flawless skin. This is a great way to sample different products at an affordable price that is shipped directly to your door!! YES!! Oh an shipping is free worldwide..added bonus. There are 4 different shipping options. The subscription starts at $29.00 for one month to $26.66 per month if you pay for the whole year. I have received lotions, makeup, face masks and so much more. None of the products are in English, but not to worry. Each box you will receive a well written, easy to follow Magazine with Translations & Tutorials. Thank goodness…because I would be lost without it! #kirakira


Anime Bento  “Japan to your Door”

When you sign up for Anime Bento the first thing you will need to do is choose a T-shirt size. Occasionally a shirt is added to the box, it is not guaranteed. The box itself is a set fee of $35 + S/H, which is the only draw back because I really hate paying for shipping. However, you can pay for one month or for the year depending on the plan you choose. Unfortunately, you will also pay shipping on each month you order. I’ve received a knit beanie hat, snacks, t-shirt, lanyard, pin, figures, toys, etc. There are all sorts of anime related merchandise that will arrive inside your box. You never know what you’ll find in your box. There are a lot of cool things that arrive in each box. #animebento #anime




Kawaii Box 

The name basically says it all. In each box you receive 10-12 different adorable items. You might find, snacks, finger nail appliques, pencils, stationary, change purse etc. the are all licensed items too. The box is a flat fee of $18.90 a month with free shipping. If you decided the 6 month or year plan the cost per box comes down slightly. With each box you receive you are also entered into their Kawaii Megabox raffle, which is valued over $100! The items you receive come form Japan and Korea. I have to say I was overloaded with cuteness with this one. This box is sure to make anyone smile when it arrives in the mail. #kawaiibox


Kawaii Box


Pet Gift box

I ordered this box for my two cats. I actually found a pretty good deal on Groupon it was $9.99 which is not to bad and I thought was worth a try. Well, my experience was not the greatest. One week after I purchased my initial box I was charged full price ($27.99) for a second box! I immediately went in to cancel this subscription and had a very difficult time doing it through their website. I attempted several times and never received an email confirming I cancelled. So I sent an email mentioning that I was charged a second time and I waned confirmation on my cancellation. Eventually they replied and confirmed I was cancelled. However, they never addressed my second charge. So I sent yet another email questioning their business practices and how they can justify charging for another box one week after a customer has just subscribed. Again they took awhile to reply to me but I did get my refund within a day or two. Their excuse for the second charge was that something there’s a glitch in their billing. (I’ve read other reviews with the same problem). After all of that was said and done I went in to track the shipping. Supposedly it was being shipped by FedEx and I had a tracking number. however, they box was stuck somewhere waiting for a “label”. None of this made sense to me. Over a month later my box finally arrived.. through USPS!

Now since I purchased the cat box I can not comment as to what can be found in the dog box. According to postcard inside the box the value of this particular box was $33.95. The cost of the box would have normally been $27.99 free shipping, I don’t feel there’s much of a value there. inside the box I received was two small toys, a bag of treats, a plastic brush and fabric to wipe up fur. Now for $9.99 this is a pretty good deal, but not for $27.99.

If you decided to subscribe to this company check your back account… often!


Simple Loose Leaf

For this subscription box I dedicated an entire page. Please click on Simple Loose Leaf and it’ll take you right there.



This has to be by far one of my favorite subscription boxes. A little on the pricey side but well worth it. When I say this box is stuffed, it’s stuffed!! There are so many items jam packed in this box I would have a hard time getting everything back in and able to close the lid. The packers at Urthbox are truly talented to be able to properly pack everything in this little box. What I love most is that there is a wonderful variety of healthy snacks in each box, including a beverage. These are items I would probably never buy in the store because one they cost a little to much individually and two I hate wasting money on things I don’t like. Let me just say though everything I’ve tried in this box was so good! With the larger box you can get up to 30 items. In the smaller box you get around 6+. These are all full size packages too, not little sample sizes. They offer 4 different box option mini, small, medium and large. Ranging from $12.99-$40.99. I can usually find a discount on Groupon for Urthbox. Shipping is free for the U.S., $6.95 for Canada, $14.95 worldwide. Also, for additional savings I always go through Ebates first before I buy anything online!

Boxes come in classic, gluten-free, vegan, or diet options. The main focus on the items you get are Non-GMO, Organic and All Natural….oh and very tasty!! But they don’t add that one on their disclaimer, I think they should! After typing this review I decided to go ahead and renew my subscription…yes it’s that good!!  #healthysnacks #urthbox



Bestowed/Conscious Box

This has a one set price of $20.00 a month. However, if you choose to preorder 3, 6, or 12 month memberships you will save anywhere from 10-20% off each box, plus free shipping. Sorry as of now they only ship in the U.S. Each month you will receive 7-10 items in your box. Anywhere from full size items to just sample size. I personally prefer full size packages with my subscription box but that’s just me. Regardless it’s still a great way to try before you buy so to speak. The main focus here is healthy snack options. On their website you can learn about all sorts of different products as well as reviews on those products. All items in your box are carefully selected and led by nutritionist Heather Bauer. #bestowed #consciousbox


Bulu Box

At only $10.00 a month it’s a pretty good deal. The only time you save on a box subscription here iBulu Box Originals if you prepay for the year. That’s when each box costs $9.17 and it’s also free shipping. On the Bulu Box website you can also purchase basically everything imaginable from accessories to supplements and get free shipping with purchases over $50.00.

This is all about overallBulu Box Weight Loss health. There’s also different tips, videos, articles etc. This whole website is full of interesting and useful information from a lot of very knowledgeable people. There are also two boxes to choose from original and weight loss. In each box you will receive 4-5 samples, occasionally full size products but not that often. The best part is if you try something in your box and you like it, you can buy it right from their website. #bulubox # #samples weightloss #healthy

Allure Beauty Box

More info to come on this one. I just placed my first order and I’m looking forward to it.

But here’s the break down. The subscription is $15.00 a month with $5.00 off your first box and free shipping. Pretty good deal. You can also pay for the entire year and you will get one box free, which will be $165.00. There’s “At least five deluxe-size product samples from major brands. Plus, you’ll also get a special-edition “mini magazine” chock full of the most trusted product reviews you’ve come to expect from Allure.” #allure