Wooden Wine Rack By Bella Vino

What a cute and sturdy wine rack. It holds five bottles of wine and doesn’t take up much room at all. It can sit in the corner of the counter or even as a center piece on the table if you’d like..why not?! You will need to assemble this when it arrives, but it is very simple. I personally didn’t use the directions. There are four stainless steel bars and eight nuts to tighten it into place. Once everything is set up it’s ready to be used. I like that it doesn’t rock back and forth and it’s not shaky at all. The wood is solid but not heavy. Of course you don’t have to use this just for wine. It can hold basically any bottle, 750ml to 1.5 liters. #drinkbellavino

Waiters Corkscrew – Premium Rosewood Handle  It arrived in a beautiful gift box with a velvet bag inside. Which is perfect for gift giving. Very attractive and masculVinOrama Waiters Corkscrew - Premium Rosewood Handle All-in-one Wine Opener, Bottle Opener and Foil Cutter - Best Bar Wine Accessories and Gifts - With Carry Pouchine design. I think the wood look is a nice touch and different from other basic looking corkscrews. This is one you’d want to display instead of just toss in a drawer. It is heavy and built to last. The foil cutter is sharp and cut through the foil with ease. Using the corkscrew, I was able to lift the cork out of the bottle with ease. This company offers great products. #VinOrama  I also received the VinOrama Red Wine Aerator It arrived in a beautiful gift box with a velvetVinOrama Red Wine Aerator - Drop Stop Air Spout Pourer - Bar Wine Accessory - With Carry Pouch carrying bag. Which is perfect for gift giving. This is a light weight plastic aerator. It feels like it’s very inexpensive but looks like it cost much more then it actually did. It fits perfectly in the wine bottle with a nice seal and no leakage. The wine poured out nice and smoothly. This company makes a lot of great products and they are made to last. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

TaZa Unbreakable Wine Glasses “Not your mothers wine glass”. Even the box they arrive in is fun and would make a great gift. I had the opportunity to receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I’m so glad I took that opportunity. My box arrived very quickly. You get 4/16oz sTaZa - Shatterproof Tritan Plastic Unbreakable Wine Glasses, Dishwasher-safe 16 oz., Set of 4temless BPA plastic wine glasses. These can really be used for anything you’d like.

They are very light weight with a smooth rim. I like the f
act that’s it’s unbreakable because I tend to accidentally tap my glasses on the faucet while I’m washing them. Eventually one to many taps later the glass will break. This is also great for get togethers or even to take along in a picnic basket. You have the look of an actual wine glass without worrying about it breaking during your travels. The glasses are very clear and don’t look like plastic at all. These are a really nice addition.

Vinoio Foldable Wine Bottle (SET of 2) – Collapsible, Foldable and Lightweight – 750ML Wine Pouch
I am in love with these foldable wine bottles. They are the coolest thing I’ve seen in quite awhileVino Mio Foldable Wine Bottle (SET of 2) - Collapsible, Foldable and Lightweight - 750ML Wine Pouch. You get two bottles, one for white and one for red wine. They each hold approximately 3 cups. Very light weight yet extremely sturdy and will not leak. They are also very attractive too. Very pretty design that actually looks like a wine bottle, even the bottom looks like the bottom of a bottle. I received a lot of compliments from different people. Everyone asks me where did I get these? This is definitely a must have for any wine drinker on the go. You can travel anywhere with your favorite wine without having to lug a bottle around. When you’re done just fold it up and pack it away. This is also a great company to deal with, they are very customer oriented. Even if you don’t drink wine it would be a great gift for some you know that does.
Beautiful Hand Painted Wine glasses .#ValentinaParis.

First off these glasses are VERY well packaged and secure for safe shipping. That alone was impressive. They definetly make sure they take the time to insure your order arrives safely and in perfect condition. The company will quickly answer any questions you may have, they are customer oriented and helpful. I like when a company actually cares about their customers. Once I finally got my box open I couldn’t get over how large these glasses are. That is something I certainly was not expecting. The picture does not do it justice. Once I got over my surprise of the size, I had to admire the detail. Keep in mind these glasses are hand painted so they will not be identical, as if they came off an assembly like. They use the same design technique and colors but it is obvious these glasses were done by two dfferent people. Just as an artist painting on a canvas, you can teBeautiful Hand Painted Wine Glasses - Set of 2 - Perfect Gifts For Women, Men, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Mom, Dad, Her, Him, Housewarming, Engagement, Couples, Husband, Wife & Kitchen Giftsll the difference between techniques. This is not necessarily a problem. It makes them more unique this way, no two glasses will be the same. The colors are the same on each glass that way they match the same color scheme. However, with that too you can also tell it was done by two different people. I liked the colors used. It has a stained glass effect. Going back to the size, I decided to take measurements. To give you an idea of how large they are it holds approximately 4 cups of liquid (my typical wine glass holds 1 3/4 cups of liquid). These glasses stand 11 1/4″ tall, the stem is 4 1/2″ long and the base is 3 1/2″ wide. These are a nice addition to any collection. Whether you keep them for yourself or give them as a gift. They are sure to make any wine lover smile.